What can I wear with a black blazer

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Black blazers add style and edge to just about any look
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Here are answers to what can I wear with a black blazer to look pulled together

A man isn't the only person who wonders, “what can I wear with a black blazer?” Women don these sexy pieces all of the time and look oh-so-fashionable while doing so. These types of jackets look good dressed up and down and will take your appearance to the next style level.

With Boyfriend Jeans

If you're looking for a casual, laid back look, you can pull it off with your jacket. Don a pair of boyfriend jeans, roll them up a little past your ankles, then slip on a pair of booties. The heels create the perfect contrast to the slouchy jeans and allow you to still look feminine and boyish all at the same time.

Now put on a comfy hoodie and throw your cute coat on top. Although you may not think this ensemble will work, you will likely be surprised with just how chic you look.

So go ahead and take a shopping trip, get your nails done or simply go for a walk with this super stylish outfit.

With a Skirt

Are you going for a look that is super sexy, yet totally sophisticated at the same time? If so, this one is for you. Try donning your jacket or blazer as a top. Oh, yes – you'll have people completely smitten over this get-up.

Throw the jacket on and button it up so that you aren't too revealing. Now cinch it with a belt at the waist and voila – you've got yourself one happening top.

Complete the look by slipping into a pencil or similar skirt and throw on a pair of dark tights. Heels look charming and emphasize your killer legs. Rock this ensemble at work, on a date or wherever you want to feel good and look even better.

With Colored Skinny Jeans

Oh, yes; your dark-colored jacket will look amazing when paired with colored skinny jeans. These pants are flattering on a variety of body types and make you legs look never-ending. Your jeans will also add a burst of color, which will complement your jacket.

Choose just about any color you want – blue, red, even green. Just about any shade will work and since your jacket is so dark, you don't have to worry about going overboard with the brightness; the black will tone it down.

Put on a tank or tight-fitting tee that matches the pants. Slip your blazer over top and you're good to go. However, you can't forget about your feet; boots or stilettos work beautifully with skinny jeans and will leave you looking a real fashionista.

This ensemble is perfect for just about any occasion, so go ahead and work it, girl!

Over a Maxi Dress

Do you have a maxi dress that you love, but think it needs a little something? Or perhaps it's too cold to wear that sleeveless dress. If so, you're in luck, because your coat can do the trick.

Slip into that slinky dress and throw the jacket on. You'll look sassy and stylish all at the same time. Wearing this coat over top may even help you feel a bit more confident, particularly if you aren't too thrilled with your arms.

Slip into a pair of sandals or flip flops to finish off your outfit. If you want to err on the side of edgy, slip into a cute pair of sneakers, like a pair of Chuck Taylors. They will add a fashionable contrast to the dress, but go well with the blazer, so it's all good.

This ensemble is perfect for a date, brunch with the ladies or for shopping. Whatever you decide to do, you'll look super chic.

So the next time the question “what can I wear with a black blazer” pops into your head, you'll be totally prepared with this arsenal of fabulous options.


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