What to wear to the beach

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woman in kaftan
A kaftan is fashionable, stylish and keeps you looking glam on the beach
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What to wear on the beach combines fashion, comfort and practicality

Sure you can show up to the beach simply wearing your favorite bikini or one-piece, but you can also spice things up a bit by rocking a smokin’ beach outfit. Not only will donning a cute ensemble protect you from the sun, but it can cover you up if you’re not feeling confident enough to lounge around in a bathing suit all day.

And knowing what to wear on the beach can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, in a good way.

Cute Dress

Nothing screams “beach” like a flowing, light, super-cute dress. Showing up to the beach in a fabulous frock will certainly turn all eyes on you. You can either wear your favorite swimsuit under your dress or change into it later. Sandals and a floppy hat complete the look, as does a few bracelets and necklaces.

Your super-cute dress takes your beach look to the next level and makes you look super stylish. You’ll definitely make the right impression when you wear this saucy number to the beach.


A kaftan is a seriously fashionable cover-up for your bathing suit. Many kaftans are light and often see-through, so make sure you wear your bikini or one-piece underneath. W

When you pair the kaftan with sunglasses, embellished sandals and a cute beach bag, you’ll look classic and oh-so-stylish. The best part about this look is you can easily slide the kaftan back over you when you’re done sun-bathing.

Shirt and Shorts

A shirt and shorts ensemble is easy to pull off and totally casual. However, you can up the style factor by donning chic pieces.

A sleek shirt, like a fashionable poncho, is the perfect top for the beach. Not only will it show off your shoulders, but likely show off your toned tummy as well. Short shorts finish off the look, along with some sexy flip-flops. Your look is super fashionable, but totally beach-appropriate.

Tank Top and Skirt

Staying cool and looking glam is a cinch when you wear a tank top and mini-skirt to the beach. This ensemble also lets you wear your bathing suit underneath, if you’d like.

Sandals or flip flops – along with a cute hat -- are the extra touches this outfit needs to make you look super chic. And since you’re showing a good amount of skin, make sure you protect it with some sun block.

Now that you know what to wear to the beach, make sure you get your glam on with these ideas the next time you go. You’ll look gorgeous and feel confident while you’re soaking in some waves.


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