What to wear with blue jeans

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jean and tanks
Jeans go sexy with a tank top and necklance
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Knowing what to wear with blue jeans takes your look to the next level

Jeans are a staple in just about everyone's style repertoire, and if they aren't in yours, they should be. These darlings of denim are so versatile you can wear them to almost any occasion and look totally chic. The key is to figure out what to wear with blue jeans. Once you do, your fashion will be on-point.

Work Look

Many agree that casual Fridays are a God-send, but the important thing is to not take it too literally. Yes, you are allowed to come into the office without wearing a suit, but you shouldn't come in wearing sweatpants, either. The solution? Nice, tailored jeans.

A pair of wide-legged jeans is super stylish and fits into the work atmosphere beautifully. However, make sure they aren't dragging the floor and are tailored to suit your body. They should not be so snug you can see the outline of your undies, but they shouldn't be loose and baggy, either.

Slip on a white, button-down shirt and throw a cute cardigan over top to make this get-up professional and casual all at the same time. Button up the cardigan and allow the collar and ends of the sleeves to come out.

A pair of boots and a few bangles are all you need to complete this chic look.

Brunch With the Gals

Sure, lunch with the ladies is a time to catch up on the latest happenings, but it's also a place where you want to show off your fashion sense. Do this by donning high-waisted jeans.

These are not mom jeans by any stretch of the imagination. They are, in fact, super-stylish and oh-so-flattering. Not only will they suck in your belly, but they'll make you look extra tall, as well.

Since the high waist is the stand-out piece of the entire ensemble, you want to show that baby off. Forget wearing shirts that hang over you need one that is tucked in. Throw on a solid blouse and tuck it in. Unbutton the top few buttons to give yourself a casual, easy-breezy look and show your feet off with some sandals or flip-flops.

You will look effortlessly elegant and make all your friends secretly jealous with this ensemble.

Out on the Town

Is this the night you're going to the club with the ladies? Or perhaps you just feel like getting out and seeing what your city has to offer. As you might have guessed, denim is ideal for this situation.

Skinny jeans are your go-to for this look. Not only are they sizzlin', but they are flattering for a variety of different body types. Simply pull some on and throw a cute knit tee or tank top on bonus points for sparkles on the fabric. Don a cute shrug over top and slip your toes into some seriously scandalous stilettos.

This look leaves you smokin' and allows you to show off your body in the sexy pants.

Date Look

Who says you have to wear a skirt on a date? If you wear the right jeans, they can be just as sexy.

Slip into a pair of super sassy straight-leg jeans, then roll up the bottoms until they are just over your ankles. Now throw on a tightly-fitting tee. You might be feeling a tad bit exposed right now with all of the tightness going on, but don't worry now is the time to throw on a fitted blazer.

The blazer adds that extra oomph to your look and can give you a little bit of camouflage to make you feel a bit more confident.

Of course you can't forget about the shoes with this look. In fact, what you put on your feet is one of the highlights of the entire outfit. Choose your sexiest heels to wear. They can even be a bit strappy, since your jeans are up high and can put them on full display.

You'll look so sophisticated and stylish your date is sure to be impressed. So impressed, in fact, it's almost a given you'll score another date.

Deciding what to wear with blue jeans is fun and allows your creative side to shine through. Don't be intimidated jeans go with just about everything.


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