What to wear with solid color polo shirts

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women's polo shirt
White bottoms and a skinny belt for casual sophisication
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Tips on what to wear with solid color polo shirts for a stylish ensemble

Polos are one of the most underrated summer fashions for women. They feel light and casual, plus they give you that put together look that gets harder to achieve the higher temperatures climb. Styling this wardrobe staple is simple with these suggestions.

The decision of what to wear with solid color polo shirts should take into account where you’re going. You can dress up these tops up for a sunset dinner on the docks or keep it casual for a round of golf or cocktails with friends. First make sure you have a proper fit.


A classic polo shirt for women should fit just right. That means short sleeves will end mid bicep and the hem will fall just past the waist so you can tuck it in with room for a small amount of slack. When unbuttoning the top few buttons, the V-shape will gently frame your face. If you prefer to tuck, opt for a tailored fit so your shape is contoured.


Ladies, there are countless ways to wear this shirt so it suits your taste. One popular option is to pair it with a blazer. Choose a pattern or bold color to avoid the uniform look and add a touch of personal flair.


Put a modern spin on this number by pairing it with a chic, striped or plaid trouser. White or neutral, fitted trousers are exactly what to wear with solid color polo shirts in bright pink, orange and other lively shades. A skinny belt, plain tennis shoes and cool pair of shades complete this relaxed ensemble.

With a suit

Nobody looks good in a suit if they’re sweaty. Lucky for professionals, casual linen and cotton suits pair beautifully with light, solid polos. Summer is prime time to pull off this playful, unbuttoned work outfit. For dark shirts, go with a light suit and vice versa. Subtle patterns like shaded pin stripes are best for formal environments.

White pants

When it’s warm outside, you can do no wrong in white fitted pants or shorts. White complements all hues, including pastel and jewel tones. Wear with a belt in the same color as the shirt, but a deeper shade.

Bermuda shorts

Whether you’re spending a weekend on Nantucket entertaining friends at home, casual sophistication is always a good look. Try a solid polo with patterned Bermuda shorts and heeled sandals. Grab a glass of sangria and woven sun hat, and the day is yours.


Anyone who attended a school that required uniforms knows pleated skirts give polos a most buttoned-up look. Most gals aren’t trying to relive their uniform-wearing days! Fortunately there are a number of skirts (unpleated) that give this sometimes boxy top a little sex appeal.

Pencil skirts are always the right answer to dress up a polo shirt. Just make sure it has a flat front and pockets that won’t bulk out – you want to maintain the sleek silhouette. Sweep your hair up and add a belt to balance polished with the right amount of flirty.

Skinny jeans

Like the skirt, skinny jeans – either ankle or capris length – bring a welcome dose of femininity to a solid polo top. Leave the top tucked or untucked and wear with heels or wedge sandals instead of plain Jane flats.

Layer up

What to wear with solid color polo shirts when the weather is changing? Use them for layering! The collars add a polished accent to a chunky crew neck sweater or a cardigan. Wear under a casual denim or corduroy jacket with a scarf and hoop earrings for a preppy look with spice.

No matter how you wear this timeless top, you’ll look cool and collected all season.

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