About Us

This year's hottest new tech toy - the iPad - had our team touching, flipping, and spinning their way around the web.

We've been the leader in the online catalog industry for 14 years, and almost immediately our imaginations arrived at the same conclusion: The iPad is where catalog shopping needs to be, now! We want to see catalogs that update constantly, we want to have pages that flip, buttons that zoom and a simple interface to stores' shopping carts.

So we built it: an ingenious (now patent pending) catalog app that makes the most of the iPad's revolutionary touch technology. We poured our inspiration into a destination that puts catalogs on the iPad in a really cool, interactive shopping experience.

This is our new mantra: Catalogs you'll flip over.

Contact Us:
Catalogs.com 2800 Glades Circle Suite 135 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33327 800-599-0669

"Hey Troops! This is a great site for a dyed-in-the-wool, card carrying, black belt, catalog freak! I placed you in my favorites section." Don N.

"I am a catalog junkie. I LOVE ordering stuff from catalogs and I now have a place to find them. I don't have to search all over the web! This is a great site!" Nicole J.

Our Team

  • Richard Linevsky

    President and Co-Founder

    Richard takes the lead in innovation and program development for Catalogs.com. A marketing grad from Indiana University, Richard is often engrossed in useability, optimization, branding and similar pressing issues.

    When he is not flipping pages on his iPad, Richard enjoys wind surfing, his starfruit trees and his family. Richard sits on a number of philanthropic boards.

    • Master Sculptor, 2010 Delray Beach sand castle contest
    • Enjoys building with legos
    • Avid swimmer - secretly wants to beat Michael Phelps' seven world records
  • Leslie Linevsky

    Vice President and Co-Founder

    An Indiana girl at heart, Leslie holds an MBA in international business from the University of Miami. She deftly manages the business functions at Catalogs.com, while spearheading the marketing and public relations efforts. Leslie speaks on ecommerce, marketing and retail for groups including the DMA.

    Leslie has a leadership role in a number of non profit organizations. She enjoys gourmet cooking for her husband and three kids, as well as coordinating complex schedules.

    • Prefers a real book to the Kindle
    • Dream job: dessert chef
    • Mini-van mom
    • Avid catalog shopper
    • Choco-holic
  • Lauren Singer

    Senior App Developer

    Lauren Singer has owned her own successful web development company in downtown Fort Lauderdale for 14 years. Always being one to take on a challenge, she enjoys working on new projects that incorporate cutting-edge technology while simultaneously raising a teenager.

    • Works barefoot
    • Hates breakfast
    • Has a passion for B&W photography
    • Prefers tequila over beer
  • Nigel Gray

    Chairman of the MotherBoard

    Nigel brings his expertise in technology and stringing together surge protectors to the back-office functions at Catalogs.com. If you can dream it, he will tell you how you can't build it. Then he'll figure out how you can.

    Born in England, Nigel grew up in Oakville, Ontario Canada. Nigel is British-American and holds three passports. He dislikes hot weather, palm trees, sunshine, watermelon and monkeys.

    Refuses to buy into social media

    • Excels at target practice
    • Rescues small animals
    • Walks to work
    • Doesn't believe in antivirus software
    • Owns a vintage Triumph
    • Loves Lady Gaga
  • Anne Rose

    Director PR and Social Media

    Since the next great-American-novel is slow in coming, Anne is happy writing press releases and little ditties on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Anne has more email addresses and social accounts than she can keep track of, and is occasionally surprised to find out she already "belongs."

    Anne graduated from Northwestern University, with a degree in English Editorial/Creative Writing. "Go create," they told her. She did.

    • Actually loves tofu
    • Understands her giant schnauzer
    • Earned "Dogs Best Friend" on FourSquare
    • Likes red Harleys