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Active Lifestyle Clothing Choices

By Editorial Staff

active wear choicesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

When you start a fitness routine, getting out the door is half the battle.

Then gradually, the routine becomes something you look forward to, the highlight of the day. Before you know, spending time on your feet is more than a priority, it’s your new lifestyle.

The more comfortable you are when exercising, the more likely you are to stick with it long term. These top active lifestyle clothing options will keep you dry, supported and ready to push yourself ever further.

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10. Sweat wicking underwear

Sweat wicking underwear

Athletic underwear designed to wick perspiration is a smart choice for anyone who spends significant time outdoors. They keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re sweating under ski clothes or running on a summer day. It’s tough to continue on when your sweat clings to your body and garments. The technology in athletic undergarments pushes moisture to the surface so it evaporates instead.

9. Caps and hats

Caps and hats

Athletic hats are made with moisture wicking material so you can protect your scalp and face from the sun without overheating. In winter, ski caps are a popular style while caps with a face-shading brim are preferred spring through fall.

8. Form-fitting bottoms

Form-fitting bottoms

Bagginess, be gone. Excess fabric doesn’t do you any favors when exercising. Form-fitting active bottoms have a stretchy fabric so they won’t get in the way or restrict your motion. This goes for shorts, capris and tights. Runners should go the extra step and look for pairs that offer slight compression. Many pairs will also have a convenient back zip pocket for storing keys and ID.

7. Versatile Sweats

sweats at 2KGrey

Most don’t think twice about making sure their sweatshirts and sweatpants look good enough to be caught out and about in. Choose well-constructed, designer sweats, and you will be comfortable on the go, and you will look great too. Here’s a tip from active women everywhere: shop at stores that specialize in active sports, like equestrian fashion, cycling and yoga studios, and you will find exciting, practical clothing that keeps up with you.

6. Swimwear


When it’s warm outside, having a sporty swimsuit on hand is always a good idea. Swimming exercises all of your muscles so it’s ideal for cross-training. Most importantly, it’s a fun, gentle way to move your hard-working body.

5. The right shoes

 The right shoes

Hikers, campers and more rugged outdoors people require heavier duty shoes and sometimes boots with aggressive tread to ensure you won’t slip on rocks. Cyclists, trail and road runners have a wide array of styles and technology to choose from. Cast a wide net when shopping for athletic shoes to see if minimal or targeted support is necessary. Most runners prefer shoes ½ size bigger than their usual shoe size to prevent blisters when the feet swell.

4. Compression socks

Compression socks

Compression socks feel like a gentle hug to the legs when you’re going long distances. The slight squeeze prevents swelling by improving circulation from the ankles to the knees.

3. A tank you adore

A tank you adore

The best active lifestyle clothing options are both functional and stylish. You’re going to be wearing these items quite often, so choose them in colors that make you smile and cuts that provide support where it’s needed. For women, this includes sweat wicking athletic tanks with a built-in compressive bra.

2. Sports bra

Sports bra

Ladies, sports bras are essential regardless of your size. The damage cardio exercise like Pilates, running and even speed walking will do to unsupported breast tissue is permanent. Sports bras keep everything where it belongs while giving your confidence a huge boost. Try on multiple sizes and different styles until you find one that feels good.

1. Tees


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The tee shirt still reigns as king and queen of athletic lifestyle clothing options. They’re comfortable, practical and versatile. You can wear them year-round layered under jackets or by themselves. What has changed is the fabric of choice. Today, a sweat wicking poly blend is the go-to material for anyone who wants to stay dry doing what they love.


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