What are African American themed calendars?

Choose African American themed calendars to start each day on a positive note

Choose African American themed calendars to start each day on a positive note

It’s always good to have a calendar in your home or at work. It gives you an instant look at the month, without the need to fiddle with apps on your phone or computer. Having one up that inspires you as well is a bonus. 

Calendars with African American themes can help by giving you a sense of affirmation and inspiration.

No longer a super specialized or hard-to-find category, the range of choices is now dazzling. You can discover ones that mark moments in history, dates of achievements, and birthdays of great figures. Each day can take on a bit more meaning when we remember the past. These reminders are great for instructing kids as well, as they learn something new. There is no longer any reason to confine remembrance to Black History Month in February.

There are even representations of African American women that highlight the accomplishments of phenomenal figures in fields such as education, entertainment, politics, medicine, literature, and the military. You can remind yourself of the accomplishments of people who led the charge for progress such as Toni Morrison, First Lady Michelle Obama, Shondra Rhimes, and Loretta Lynch. 

There are no limits to what determined and visionary women can achieve. These historical works contain both graphics and in-depth texts that give you an extended narrative. Indeed, we can learn something new every day.


You can discover visually stunning artists from the community whose work you may become devoted to as you discover a new one with each turn of the page. For music mavens there are jazz-oriented depictions that pay tribute to the virtuosos and songwriters that made this uniquely American classical form great. There are also depictions that vibrantly illustrate dance groups like the Alvin Ailey company.

There are even ones that celebrate the Obama years, where you can relive the powerful days of inspiration through photographs that tell the story of eight years of “Yes we can!”

Some monthly and weekly planners contain motivational quotes or scriptural readings. The advantage is that you can take these with you to keep you on track. Many items you will see are rooted in faith. They contain images and prayers to connect you with your spiritual feelings. Most are not tied to one particular group, but connect a wide swath of religious communities or appeal to a more universal interest. The common thread in these is one of devotion and praise.

From the sacred to the profane, there are even Sports Illustrated-style swimsuit editions, because, why shouldn’t there be? Appreciation of beauty can arrive in many ways.

Some planners contain recipes, goal-setting outlines, and blank pages and spaces to write your own thoughts and dreams, or even sketch. The view ahead does not have to be a pure checklist of tasks or meeting to attend. Life is not entirely linear, after all.

Gallery-quality prints, photographs, and artwork are out of reach, price-wise, for most people. Calendars have traditionally offered everyone the means to own and display visual creations without the commitment of such a high-ticket purchase. That’s the reason that their popularity has endured.

These images and stories can charm and delight you, and can be great gifts. As we know from psychology, positive reinforcement is necessary for us all, whether to help you through a harried day, or to help you set your sights on greater things. When you place these representations in your environment, they can imbue your consciousness with subtly uplifting reminders of where people have come from and where you are going.