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Air Gun Enthusiast Game Accessories

By Editorial Staff

air gun accessoriesby Info Guru Jay Feldman

With all the talk about gun control, firearms of all types have become more popular than ever; and the same holds true for air guns.

Air guns are a safe alternative for anyone new to firearms and can teach adults and children alike some basics of firearm safety. These air gun enthusiast game accessories will help you make the most of this enjoyable pastime.

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10. Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves

It sounds so simple, but handling air guns starts with the sense of touch, so picking the right pair of tactical gloves can be as practical as it is pragmatic. Choose between fingered or fingerless gloves, and padded or armored protection. Fingerless gloves keep your tactile senses active but don’t protect your digits against the elements, while armored gloves are great for rugged play. Think about the environment where you’ll be practicing your hobby, then choose the right gloves accordingly.

9. Rifle Magazines

Rifle Magazines

No, these aren’t the same magazines you’ll find in your dentist’s waiting room. Be sure to have ample ammo on hand with an array of magazines that’ll keep you locked, loaded and ready for action. High capacity magazines make the most sense, but there’s some compact ones too that are good for stealthy play.

8. Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

Alas, everything needs power of some sort these days, and nothing says buzz kill quite like dead batteries. Be sure to get extra chargers for home and travel so you can take your air gun revolution with you on the go. And the good news, is they’re not very expensive. There’s nickel metal-hydride (NiMH), nickel-cadmium (NiCd), and lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries. Double check your air gun’s user manual for details about your specific make and model’s battery requirements, and always dispose old batteries properly.

7. BB Accessories

BB Accessories

Speed loaders will help keep that ammo flowing while minimizing down time. They range from low capacity 6 shooters, to machine gun ready monsters capable of holding up to 1,800 rounds of ammunition. Try a universal speed loader that works with any make or model air gun. Speed loaders are a great way to keep ammo organized and at the ready.

6. Clothing & Protective Pads

Clothing & Protective Pads

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just a casual enthusiast, gearing up with the right tactical clothes and protective padding is essential. Consider rip-stop fabrics used by the military and an array of camo prints to keep you stealthy no matter the environment. Fashion usually tries to make a bold statement, but with tactical wear, blending in has never been more important.

5. Helmets


A true “must have” for any collection of air gun enthusiast game accessories. Even weekend warriors need to protect their noggin. Sure, a good blow might knock some sense into you, but it also might drop you cold with serious head injuries. A helmet is a rather small investment to make for the safety it offers in return. Choose between a simple face mask or full head wraps for complete protection.

4. Targets


Practice makes perfect, so take aim at some nifty targets designed to hone your skills. Target shooting is a sport unto itself and takes patience and precision to master. Ideal for competitive and casual play, you can choose from simple paper targets to mechanical bull’s eyes that’ll put your skills to the test.

3. Cases and Bags

Cases and Bags

So you bought all this cool gear, but lugging it around can be clumsy and awkward. Consider getting a hard shell case for that prized firearm or an authentic military issue tote. Hard cases offer foam padding and complete impact resistant protection, while bags are a less bulky alternative and can carry other gear. A good case not only protects your investment, but looks really cool too.

2. Scopes


Improve your accuracy and aim with a quality scope. Choose from a traditional scope or a reflex sight and mount it atop your handgun or rifle. Steady your aim, get your target in the crosshairs, then squeeze that trigger and take your best shot.

1. Ammo and C02

Ammo and C02

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No collection of air gun enthusiast game accessories would be complete without ample BBs and CO2 cartridges to keep you locked and loaded. BBs are the actual ammo, while CO2 cartridges are sort of like the gunpowder; you can’t have one without the other. Always buy enough CO2 to match your ammo and you’ll be ready to rumble without missing a beat.


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