Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Selecting baby gifts for a shower is always fun. But when the baby is BABIES, finding the right gifts can seem more complicated. And more expensive.

But with some planning, you can find thoughtful — and affordable — baby shower gifts for multiples, whether it’s twins or quints.

10. Books

It’s never too soon to start a child’s very own library. In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that parents read to their children from birth. Why not start those little ones off on the right literary foot with a book for each of them? Don’t buy duplicates…instead, select a different book for each baby from your own favorites. It’s a gift the babies and their parents will treasure for years to come.

9. Unique baby blankets

When multiples come home, it can be difficult to tell the newborns apart, especially if some or all are identical. Select blankets in different colors for each baby. Or have the crib blankets embroidered with each baby’s name to make it a little easier for caregivers to know who’s crying, who’s being fed and who’s sound asleep.

8. Baby gift baskets

Parents of multiples might not need two or three (or more!) of each item. That’s where a nice big baby gift basket can work perfectly. Select a basket filled with toys, baby essentials and other gifts, and let mom or dad decide what to use when.

7. Baby bedding

Multiple babies means more wet sheets and mattress pads, so a gift of basic crib bedding is always a welcome choice. Find out what color is to be used in the nursery, or choose crib linens in basic white (easy to bleach!) or simple patterns. Add water-proof mattress protector, and you’ll have a gift certain to be used every day.

6. A group gift

When it comes to things like strollers or cribs, the cost might be too much for one person. But by combining funds with other shower guests, you might be able to buy that stroller the new mom needs, or that extra crib the family needs for when the babies come home.

5. Diapers

Whether they’re using disposables, cloth, or a mixture of the two, diapers will be needed every single day for the first year or two. Consider buying a diapers in a variety of sizes, from newborn to almost toddler. It might not seem like a fancy gift, but when you’re the parent of multiples, it’s one you’ll definitely appreciate.

4. Different color sleepers

Like the blankets, color-coded sleepers can help mom, dad, grandparents and helpers identify who’s who during those newborn days and weeks. Consider buying a couple of sizes in each color, so they’ll work beyond the early weeks. Even if the babies aren’t identical, having a color to look for will be a welcome cue when it comes to sleepy parents and 3 a.m. feedings.

3. Personalized onesies

You know you want to do it. Those cute little onesies, each one embroidered or painted a baby’s name. So go ahead. It’s a baby shower, and it’s just fine to buy something just because it’s way too cute to resist. Just make sure they’re washer and dryer safe…new parents have no time for hand-washing or hanging things to dry.

2. Gift certificates

If the family has registered at a store, consider buying a gift certificate or gift card to allow them to pick out what they need. That way, they can use the money for small things, or to pay towards bigger purchases like baby furniture or car seats.

1. Outdoor play spaces

Buying baby toys is all well and good, but before you know it, those babies will be toddlers running around the yard. And more kids means more energy! Give them a place to play by buying a durable plastic playhouse, fort or castle. It can stay in the box until the babies are ready, but once it’s assembled, it’s sure to become a playtime favorite.

Buying baby shower gifts for multiples is really no different than buying a gift for one baby. All you need to do is add a little creativity, and you’re sure to find the perfect presents.