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Good cooking starts with the right tools, so we thought we would gather a sampling of some of the best basic kitchen tools you need to have in your kitchen.

Nothing fancy, nothing extravagent, these are simple tools that will make your kitchen work better, your cooking easier and the things you serve dang near perfect. (Okay, maybe we can’t guarantee that last one, but trust me, these tools will point your cooking in the right direction!)

Ready to see what you need to have in your kitchen cabinets and drawers?

Electric Tea Kettle

Faster than a traditional kettle, and it leaves your burners free

For decades, the Brits have known the advantages of electric kettles, like these from The English Tea Store. Now Americans are discovering this handy kitchen tool, too. Not only can you have hot water in a faction of the time it would take in a stove-top tea kettle, it won’t use up precious burner space. That’s big plus at dinner time and holidays.

Mixing Bowls

A kitchen can’t run well without enough mixing bowls

Mixing bowls might not seem like something worth writing about, but having quality bowls in a variety of sizes makes all the difference when you have several dishes to make at once. These solidly made bowls from Brylane Home will stand up to mixers, immersion blenders, and even the occasional tumble from the counter top. And the non-slip base means you won’t be chasing them across the countertop when you’re trying to mix!

Kitchen Herb Scissors

Clip what you need, when you need it

Best of basic kitchen tools

Using a cutting board and knife to cut herbs can get messy. Not only do you have to get a lot of things out for a little part of a recipe, herbs cut with a knife often stick to the board or fly off onto a counter top. Herb scissors like these from Gourmet Seed are one of those basic kitchen tools that keep a small task small, tidy and simple.

The Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer

Some recipes won’t settle for “Close Enough”

food thermometer

When you have to know the exact temperature of the roast, the cooking oil, or the caramel, you need a kitchen thermometer you can trust. This all-in-one digital display food thermometer from Taylor Gifts works for all kinds of foods, saving you kitchen space, and the time you’d spend searching for the right one for each kind of cooking.

That means your meat will be perfectly done, your candy properly hardened and your chocolate tempered.

Stainless Food Mill

When a food processor is too much

There are times when a food processor is the perfect tool for the job. But when the task is small, or you need to separate out peels or seeds while you puree, this hand-held food mill from Fresh Finds is the right choice. Easy to use and easy to clean up, it’s a must-have basic cooking tool for every kitchen.

Another great idea? Buy a second one for camping trips. It’s a silent people-powered cooking tool that fits right in with the off-the-grid camping experience.

All Purpose Whisk

The right whisk for all kinds of kitchen chores

No matter how many electric mixers, blenders and processors you may have, one of the basic kitchen tools every cook needs is a good whisk. These sturdy, silicone whisks from Walter Drake meets that need with style. They’re heat resistant and won’t scratch your precious cookware. Whip on!

These professional quality whisks are made to stand up to years of cake batters, sauces, dressings and soups without bending, collapsing or coming apart like cheaper discount store models often do.