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Best places to watch a sunset

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Enjoy the beauty of the sunsets in these destinations.

Enjoy the beauty of the sunsets in these destinations.

To many, watching a sunset creates an almost magical moment. As the sun sets, there are always appreciative exclamations. Although travel magazines and agencies tout far-away locations as the best places to watch a sunset, many of us probably have our own ideas, and they’re not so far from home! In fact just looking out of your window or standing in your yard could bring you the same enjoyment as viewing a sunset in some exotic place. 

To many a sunset signals the day’s end?time to start relaxing, time to forget the troubles of the day, time to enjoy family and friends. Of course with day light saving time, the exact time of day that the sun sets doesn’t necessarily correspond to the end of the work day! According to Travelers Digest, these are the top 10 best places to watch a sunset.

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1.  Santorini, Greece. This Greek island and its the northern village of Oia, is listed on most of the travel sites as the world’s best place to watch the sunset. With its spectacular views of the ocean and with the sun dramatically dipping into the Aegean.

2. Taj Mahal, India. Even if it were not for the awe inspiring sight of the sun setting just beyond the Taj Mahal, this destination would rank high on any list! The editors of Travelers Digest think that there aren’t many places in the world to see such a sight as a sunset at the Taj Mahal.

3. Serengeti, Tanzania. As with the other spectacular picks, Serengeti is a long, long way to travel. But if you’re into animal safaris and sunset watching, what better place could there be? To see the sun setting on the African plains while watching the graceful sprinting of an antelope herd would be an experience that is truly unforgettable.

4. Great Pyramids, Egypt. From what has been said by those fortunate enough to have taken a trip to Egypt and had the sheer enjoyment of seeing the Great Pyramids up close and personal, there are very few sites that can conjure up that sense of wonderment. The sun setting behind the pyramids is an added plus!

5. Grand Canyon, Arizona. This huge canyon in the middle of an immense desert not only offers amazing panoramic views and the awesome wonders of nature, it also is one of the most spectacular settings to view a sunset. The colors are truly mind boggling!

6. Sentosa Island, Singapore. If you’re into finding whatever beauty there is in visible pollution (what a wonderful optimist), then this small island just off the coast of Singapore is the place for you! It’s quite easily accessible by bridges, and there’s also a cable car to the island from an upper floor in a neighboring Singaporean high-rise building. Here sunsets take on an uncommon beauty from the haze and smoke emanating from dozens of oil refineries in the distance. As the sun sets, the smoke from these refineries diffuses the sun’s rays into a dazzling display of color.

7. Cape Town, South Africa. The writers at Travelers Digest write, “There isn’t an experience like watching the sun set on Christmas Eve as you sit on the strand looking at Table Mount in the distance, and reflect upon the long day you spent on the beautiful beach.” You, dear reader, will have to make that decision yourself!


8. The Maldives, Indian Ocean. This island nation is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is known for its unspoiled beaches and its serene beauty. However, since it is threatened by increasing high-water levels attributed to global warming, if you’re planning a trip to that part of the world now would be an excellent time to visit to view truly amazing sunsets!

9. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Jenairo, Brazil. First, try not to think about the song, The Girl From Ipanema. Remember, you’re visiting there for the sights, sounds, constant party atmosphere and the beauty–all greatly embellished by the magnificent sunsets.

10. Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles. This location has been depicted in so many movies and still photography. But if one were to listen to any of its frequent visitors, there’s nothing quite like watching the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier.

Although not on the Travelers Digest list of the top ten, you should consider Key West, Florida, the southern most city in the continental United States, where the sun shines the brightest when it sets. Everyone gathers for the never planned, always varied Sunset Celebration on the Mallory Dock. It’s truly an unusual experience as is the entire Key West area!

Depending on your source, there are many best places to watch  sunset. Wherever you go, we wish you sunsets filled with memories of a happy days and hopes for  great tomorrows.


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