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How To Plan A Memorable Birthday Party

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Party ideas at the click of a mouse

If you are planning a memorable birthday party for your son or daughter and can’t decide what to do and are going crazy, it’s time to take a deep breath and relax. Wonderfully creative birthday party ideas can be found on the internet.

Birthday parties for children are getting more elaborate and original every day. Sometimes a birthday party with a simple theme just isn’t enough.

If you are one of those people who like to create birthday parties that are special and unique, parties children will remember forever, then go online. Let experts help you with birthday party ideas that will make you the “hostess with the mostest” — without emptying your pocketbook.

Whatever birthday party ideas come to your mind, remember these four principles for having a memorable party:

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  • 1) Keep the kids busy and happy
  • 2) Make sure everyone gets involved
  • 3) Don’t take hours and hours to set up
  • 4) Don’t spend a bundle – it’s just an afternoon.

Theme Party

Most kids love a party theme, at least for the decorations. Kids have a great time and appreciate (even if they don’t say so) your imagination when you fill a room with the right trimmings and the party comes to life.

It might sound like a lot of work, but it really isn’t – not when you use the Web. Birthday party ideas are bountiful—from treasure hunts for the children to luaus for adult theme parties. Whatever, it’s available online.

Remember, too, that getting the details right is half the battle. You also want to enjoy the party you’re giving. By planning well in advance and having everything on hand a few days before, except the perishable food, you’ll be more relaxed and able to tackle the many last-minute crazies that are inevitable when giving a party.

Party games add to the fun. No kid’s birthday party is complete without birthday party games. There is such a wide selection of ideas for party games on the Web. Not only can you find birthday party games, but you can also find all the necessary paraphernalia to make the games really work. Almost all children’s games require a leader. The following tips were taken from The University of Illinois Extension website.

Tips for a Successful Game Leader

Get the attention of the group. Stand where everyone can see you. Use the other adults as helpers. Groups will cooperate better if they know what is going to happen. Stop the game before interest lags. Arrange competing teams so they are equal in strength and skill. Change the activity before the group gets bored. Change the rules to meet the situation. If there is something missing, improvise. Learn to use whatever materials are available.

Some proven party games that will ake a memorable birthday party:

Treasure Hunt

Divide kids into teams 1 through 4 depending on how many are at the party. Make up clues and scatter them all over the house (and outside, too, if weather permits). Each clue leads to the next and at the end of the trail is a treasure for the team, for example, food, party favors, or prizes. Hint: Color code clues so teams only find their own clues. Time the hunt and see which team gets done first.

String Treasure Hunt

Take colored strings and wind them all over your property, inside and outside. Up the stairs and then back down. Over and under furniture, beds, and chairs. Teams must wind up their roll of string to find the treasure at the end of the roll.

Scavenger hunts

These are also a lot of fun there are many variations on the idea. The key to a successful scavenger hunt is to think about who the players will be and make clues and items that will appeal to them. After you decide what type of scavenger hunt you will have, you need to spend some time coming up with a list of items to collect or activities to complete.

Hint: Color code clues so teams only find their own clues. Time the hunt and see which team gets done first.

From invitations to “goodie bags” to decorations, all the necessary party supplies you need are available to you without your having to leave the house.

No longer is it necessary to go from store to store. Make your list of party supplies and head for your computer. You can get themed, coordinated party supplies online at excellent prices.

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Whether it’s paper goods or huge balloons, online sites can take the headache out of party planning. So, include in your plans time to relax and have a good time. Enjoy!


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