Business Cards: Critical Tools for Networking Your Way to a New Job

Business Cards: Critical Tools for Networking Your Way to a New Job

Networking business cards, otherwise known as business cards for job seekers, are critical tools for anyone in the job market. Particularly in this challenging economy, the importance of networking and marketing oneself cannot be underestimated.

Business cards for job seekers are a wonderful networking resource for college students who, most likely, don?t yet possess any professional business cards. Personalized networking cards are also a great concept for anyone looking to change careers, as it can be a risky idea to use regular business cards to pursue new employment.

If you are actively job hunting, you will want to invest in a business card holder or case in order to keep your cards crisp and clean. Remember, maintaining a professional image is key to finding professional employment. Preventing your cards from becoming stained dog eared or wrinkled is just the first step in this process.

Always make sure to keep plenty of business cards on hand. As the MasterCard slogan goes? never leave home without them! You just never know when a networking opportunity may arise. In addition to keeping a business card holder or case filled with cards, it is a wise idea to keep a small box of cards in the glove compartment of your car, in your briefcase, or in your desk drawer.


Business cards for job seekers are the very best self-promotion tools you can bring to career fairs, networking programs, business meetings, social events, and other gatherings such as weddings, holiday parties, or class reunions. 

Anyone in the job market should begin by contacting online business card printing companies or local print shops to price out the cost of printing business cards for job seekers. A variety of online sites offer deeply discounted business card printing, and even free business cards. Often, these sites are the fastest and easiest way to print business cards, as they offer templates, with lucid instructions to help job seekers upload personalized designs and contact information.

If you have a home printer, business cards can be easily printed using specialty pre-serrated business card papers from suppliers such as Avery. These business card templates for home printers can be purchased in office supply stores.

Here are some tips for designing and printing professional networking business cards:

  • Your name should be the most eye catching piece of information on a networking business card
  • Include all pertinent contact information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, postal mailing address or P.O. Box
  • Include your website address or links to any blogs or sites where you have an established online presence
  • List your job function or title, job objective or primary skills
  • Keep the layout as simple, clean and readable as possible
  • Use standard 11 or 12 point font sizes
  • Print networking business cards in standard business card sizes, (3-1/2? wide by 2? high)
  • Print your business cards on sturdy paper stock, at least 12pt or 100lb stock

If you are serious about networking your way to a new job, then the minimal investment in designing and printing networking business cards will surely pay off in the end.