Best of … business computer solutions

One of the best of business computer solutionsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For those of us who use computers at work, anything we can find that makes it easier, faster or more convenient is worth investigating. After all, work is about productivity; at least until Happy Hour rolls around.

But it can be difficult, particularly with how fast new and improved technologies are introduced, to stay on top of the latest and greatest options out there.

To help make productive use of your time, here are some of the best business computer solutions.

The Mac

Move over PC, Macs are all about business

One of the best of computer business solutions

There was a time, not too long ago, that Mac’s in the workplace were for the creative types; the graphic artists and such. Now Mac has gone mainstream, and more and more companies are using the platform to manage all facets of their business. In addition to snazzy presentations, the iWork solution has a full suite of documents and spreadsheets. Imagine, the folks in the finance department rockin’ a Mac; wow.

Computer Bag

Take a load off

filson computer bag

For the weary road warrior tired of sloughing her laptop over her permanently indented shoulder (that strap is murder!), take a peek at the selection of computer bag options at Filson. Several of them double as a backpack too. So, cram as much as you can into this little beauty, and let the bag take the pounding.

3D Capabilities

Add a dimension

One of the best of business computer solutions

If your business entails modeling of any sort; architecture, engineering or construction, you’re going to love this. A computer electronics store has the coolest gadget to improve results and increase efficiencies; the 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator for Notebooks. This little wonder allows you to use both hands simultaneously, rotating and “grabbing” models on your computer to shift them any which way you like. Sort of like TRON, but without the bad guy.


Track your fleet

One of the best of business computer solutions

For any business that has a mobile work force; express delivery services, long-haul truckers, or even bike messengers, this Best of Business Computer Solutions is right up your alley. The GPS RTV5 from Live View GPS provides instant access to your drivers’ locations, live via the internet. You’ll know where your drivers are at all times and better yet, they’ll know you know.

Multifunctional Printers

Lots of uses, little desk space

Once upon a time, have all the business computer functionality you needed meant having lots of desk space covered with machines. First, there was the desktop computer and that HUGE monitor. Then there was the printer, the FAX, the scanner, and of course, the copier.

Thank goodness those days are in the past! Today’s computers have CPUs that are smaller than ever, and many people are opting for just a laptop or tablet so odds are your docking station will be the largest footprint. And all those extra tools have been combined into powerful multi-functional machines like this HP Officejet Pro X476DW Inkjet Multifunction Printer. In one compact package, it copies, prints, scans, FAXes and stores images, all in full color. Sure beats running to print store every time you have a project!

Great Big Displays

Stop squinting, start creating

It’s all well and good to carry around an itty-bitty tablet or netbook, but do you really want to do all your work on that tiny screen? Seriously? Leave that microscreen in the dust when it’s worktime, by docking your portable device and hooking up with a great big, super-high resolution, computer monitor from Howard Computers. They have almost 400 monitors that are OVER 25″! And way more in smaller, but still wonderful sizes that put your tablet display to shame.

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