Wax or polish for a car showroom shine

A guide to getting a showroom shine with wax or polish

A guide to getting a showroom shine with wax or polish

Have you been wondering which product to use – wax or polish – for a car showroom shine? The answer is both and you will discover all the reasons why below.

Many people mistakenly think that car wax and polish are the same automotive product. They are in fact very different. Polish is the stuff that gives your car the shiny gloss you seek, while wax is the ultimate automotive product that seals in that gorgeous gloss and helps seal OUT the bad things (like water, dirt, grease and grime).

Steps to a Professional Car Showroom Shine
Instead of wondering anymore on whether wax or polish can get a car showroom shine on your favorite vehicle, simply follow these steps:

  1. Wash the vehicle in the normal manner. Spray it thoroughly to make sure all cleaning solution is removed.
  2. Apply auto detailing clay or paint cleaner. Detailing clay was once only in the arsenal of professional detailers and high-end car dealerships, but not anymore. It is now a top secret weapon of show car enthusiasts and auto lovers everywhere who are “in the know.” Paint cleaner will also work for this purpose. This is a step most people skip but which professionals insist upon. It will remove things that a regular wash job will not, such as oxidation, swirls in the paint job and tiny scratches in the paint. For superior results, do not skip this step.
  3. Finally, you are ready to apply the car polish. This is the step where you will achieve that showroom shine you have been longing for. Putting on car polish is like applying a layer of polyurethane to a piece of furniture. It gives it a high gloss and makes your vehicle really shine and stand out from all the rest.
  4. The final step for achieving a car showroom shine is applying car wax to the vehicle. Car wax is applied as a layer over the top of the car polish. Waxing your car (or boat, truck, RV, SUV, motorcycle or whatever) will seal in the showroom shine and help prevent damage to your paint job. Remember when applying wax that it should be performed in the shade, not in direct sunlight. Car enthusiasts differ on their recommendations for what type of cloth or professional car buffers to use – they may say use anything from old diapers to terry cloth or special polishers. Whatever is soft enough to do the job without scratching the paint will suffice, but when you really must have optimum results (for example, when you’ve entered a car show with a $100K prize), go with what the experts use.


Car Wax or Polish For a Showroom Shine?
Now you know what to answer the next time someone asks you, “Wax or polish for a car showroom shine?” Tell them “Both – plus paint cleaner or detailing clay!”

Some car care companies have combined the two (both polish and wax) into one product. Most professional auto cleaners do not favor this short-cut, however.

There are people in both camps – those who say the results are similar and it saves a lot of time and the purists who believe that the two products must be applied separately to achieve that coveted car showroom shine. You’ll have to try it and decide for yourself if it is worth skipping one of the steps above.

So once you have your pride and joy cleaned, shined, waxed and otherwise perfect, it’s time to start planning that road trip. Route 66, anyone?

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