Casual Dinner Date Outfits

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casual dinner date clothesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Sometimes getting ready for a date can be surprisingly nerve-wrecking, especially if you really like the person.

Out of nowhere your closet will look completely empty or may as well be as you clearly have not a single thing to wear.

Breathe! Shake out the jitters and put together one of these flirty casual dinner date outfits.

10. Tunic


You cannot go wrong in a stylish knit tunic, opaque tights and boots. The relaxed style will put the butterflies in your stomach at ease so you can enjoy a nice meal and good company. Afterward, you’ll be dressed for anything whether you guys decide to stop for a drink, meet up with friends or go for a walk.

9. A little lace

A little lace

You have a lacey frock or long shirt? Throw it over an opaque tank, dark jeans an get going. Putting together casual dinner date outfits can be this simple. Lace has a sexy peek-a-book effect without actually revealing anything.

8. Fitted jeans and a blazer

Fitted jeans and a blazer

Pair a fitted pair of jeans with a nice tee and casual blazer (no shoulder pads!). This killer combo is polished enough to show him you made an effort, but you don’t feel overdressed grabbing a burger. Add a metal bracelet or simple chain necklace for a little extra flair.

7. Loosen up

Loosen up

Tempting as it may be to splurge on a new outfit or take those tight jeans for a spin, resist. Buying new clothes puts extra pressure on a casual date to go well, and tight clothes are too constraining. You want to be able to comfortably sit down talk with your date and eat. Go for fitted jeans or an easy breezy skirt.

6. Go nude

Go nude

Not in the way you’re thinking! Sexy nude heels paired with a tan dress will elongate your legs to unfair lengths. He’ll be the one with jitters when he sees how fetching you look. The colors do all the work here, you simply wear them.

5. Print dress

Print dress

Print dresses are the silver bullet to many wardrobe conundrums. You can find many affordable ones and they often look a little sassy. Pair a darker dress with bright heels or vice versa and bring along a sweater to dress it down or keep the chill away if you’re seated by a door.

4. The little black you-know-what

The little black you-know-what

When in doubt, or any sort of fashion lurch, always reach for the little black dress. This cute outfit will never steer you wrong. Dress it down with flats and a casual jacket. Throw a nice pair of earrings in your bag juuuust in case his idea of casual is the nicest place in town.

3. Super power clothing

Super power clothing

Most of us have that one outfit that makes us feel like we can do no wrong. Maybe it’s a dress that fits you like magic or a top that was basically made for you. You may even have a lucky pair of shoes. Wear them and enjoy the confidence boost!

2. Shirt dress with jacket

Shirt dress with jacket

A laid-back shirt dress with black tights and a waist-length jacket is one of the most perfect casual dinner date outfits. The jacket and tights balance out the shorter dress. Tie on a patterned scarf to serve as an easy focal point and lend more texture to the outfit.

1. Fun skirt + graphic tee

Fun skirt + graphic tee

All this focus on date clothing can overshadow the fact that you’re supposed to be dressing for a good time. Wear a fun, colorful skirt with a fitted graphic tee for a flirty but easygoing look. The top tones down the dressiness of the skirt and you can always add a metallic necklace or earrings for a sexy edge.

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