How do you choose home accents on a budget

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Here's how to choose home accents on a budget

Here’s how to choose home accents on a budget

In a perfect world, there?d be time and resources for home makeovers whenever the mood strikes. Fortunately, the desire for change can be satisfied by adding a few elegant accents. Best of all, this kind of upgrade is kind to the wallet.

Decorating your living space when money is tight can be frustrating. That is, until you figure out what to get and where to get it. Affordable d?cor abounds. You?ll be surprised how many chic, quality items are out there.

To choose home accents on a budget, it helps to know where you can save and where it actually pays to invest. Plenty of items on your wish list can shift over to the DIY to-do list if you?re the crafty type. For instance, you can reupholster a vintage chair with plush fabric to pump up the elegance factor in a room.


Start with items that are both functional and decorative. This way you?re adding chic style while offering family, guests and yourself more comfort. And what could be more comforting that layers cushy coziness?



Oversized, over-stuffed pillows will instantly make your living areas feel more welcoming and lush. The trick is to use inserts that are one size larger than the pillow cover. Budget will influence the type of fill you get. If you can afford to do so, invest in down-filled inserts. You won?t regret it.

Consider the cover?s fabric, color and pattern with care. With muted rooms, match the pillows to the seats. For more vibrant d?cor, go with big patterns and bold, unexpected colors.

Add a personal touch with photo pillows. Simply choose a few meaningful photos and have them printed on the covers. Close ups on your kids or pets look best with simple backgrounds like a blue sky or green field. 


Details play a big role in interior decorating. While you don?t need to spend a lot of money, it sometimes pays to get the highest quality possible with the seemingly smallest items. Plain, plastic door knobs, light switch covers and drawer handles are available just about anywhere. 

Go to antique shops or independent, small hardware stores and you?ll find a treasure trove of heavy duty, super sturdy (and chic looking) knobs and pulls made from oak or wrought iron. These offer stunning, timeless elegance that complements any style.

Window treatments

Skip on the window treatments and a room will look annoyingly unfinished, not to mention exposed. While not quite as fun as stuffing new fluffy pillows, they?re among the most affordable items that?ll completely transform a room. Besides, privacy is essential.

Before you even begin thinking about colors, narrow the options down. The cheapest ones may be unlined curtains, but these look cheap and are often sheer, which means you won?t have privacy at night. Set the bar at lined drapes. The price isn?t much higher and they?re well worth the investment.

Dress windows with lined, chic fabrics like linen, cotton or silk. If you prefer blinds, bamboo or wood shades bring texture and warmth to a space. 
As you choose home accents on a budget, remember to factor in both practicality and visual impact. Window treatments pull a whole room together when you choose ones that complement your pillows, wall art and other pieces.

Finishing touches

No home decor plan is complete without some room in the budget for art. Random wall art dilutes an otherwise beautifully decorated space. Whether you want to glam things up or cultivate an eclectic feel, accessorizing with care will add those perfect finishing touches many homes lack. 

To choose home accents on a budget, remember the power of consistency. If your pillows have splashes of gold, select gold picture frames and paint handles and table legs gold. For a tropical feel, keep it light and bright with a colorful flower vase or a soft shaggy blue rug.

Frugal d?cor doesn?t have to look cheap. Being selective on purchases, combined with de-cluttering and regular cleaning goes a long way towards making a home look and feel like the special place it is.