teen giftsContributed by Lindsay Shugerman

It was easy when they were little. Just head for the toy department and stock up on brightly colored trucks, cuddly dolls and fun games. But now you’re Christmas shopping for teens. And that means the shopping is a lot more confusing. After all, there’s no teen equivalent of the toy department!

To get you started, I’ve gathered a few of the best ideas for Christmas gifts for teens. I checked with my 14 year old, and she approved of the hope the perfect gift for your teenager is here!

Headphones as good as the music

What they bought, they’ll hear

best of christmas gift ideas for teens

Your kids spend a lot on Mp3s, so shouldn’t they be able to hear the best of what they’ve downloaded? Skullcandy headphones provide the quality sound and noise cancellation in a compact size without breaking the bank.

They get the sound, you don’t have to listen. A winning gift in my book!

Nothing beats an iPod

Sound and status in one tiny package

best of christmas gift ideas for teens ipods

Among all the possible gifts for your teen, an brand new iPod touch is probably number one on the list. It’s sound, it’s video, it’s games … it’s the one thing they want in their hands, purses and pockets.

And because there’s so much memory, they might even let you add a few songs of your own. Okay, so I can dream!

Put some spring in their step

Hot colors and high performance

Reebok zigtech

The hottest, brightest, most trendy sneakers are a hit for both the athlete and the fashionista. Check out the shoes that combine high tech with high function and choose a color combo, or two, that goes with either the outfit or the exercise routine. These have the moves for running, working out and hanging at the mall. Which is, of course, a sport.

Say Cheese with a new camera

For pictures too good for a Smart Phone

best of christmas gift ideas for teens camera

A smart phone camera is good enough for some pictures, but if your son or daughter wants to try their hand at photography, they’ll need a real camera. A good SLR from NewEgg will let them capture all those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments of high school and college. (And by the way, this Canon is the camera my daughter wants, so if any Canon execs want a product tester … just sayin!)

A laptop for work and play

The tools they need, the power they want

best of christmas gift ideas for laptop

A laptop can provide all of that and more.

By replacing an older laptop with a new one, your teen will be able to access important information faster, create stunning presentations for school projects and keep in touch with friends and family. And the newer computers have longer battery life, too, making them more energy efficient and easier to use on the go.

And according to the teens I talked to, the fact that a new computer makes gaming awesome is only a side benefit, and not at all why it’s on their Christmas list! Right!

Raybans and none other

Sometimes you gotta have the name to get the look

best of christmas gift ideas for teens raybans

There are sunglasses. And then there are Raybans. And when it comes to teens, the two shall have nothing in common. First, there’s the look. Then he said there’s name. And there’s the quality. And the name. Oh, heck, when it comes to Raybans is really is all about the name. But that’s okay. A glasses shop has them, your teen wants them and it’s Christmas. That works for me!