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Classic Luxuries You Need in Your Life

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

womans hands in gloves with handbagContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Sometimes you just need the nice things in your life. Those little (and sometimes not so little) things that give life a bit of color, some sparkle…or just the feeling of not having compromised on quality. It’s about treating yourself, giving yourself some well-earned rewards.

So whether you’re feeling like you finally deserve the best of what the world has to offer, or are just looking for a small indulgence to add to your life, here are ten timeless, classic luxuries you need in your life.

10. A really great pen

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Mount Blanc fountain pen

I don’t mean the best pen at your local office supply store. I mean a really amazing pen like this beautiful Montblanc fountain pen. A fine writing instrument like this makes even ordinary notes and signatures feel more important. I received a Montblanc fountain pen for my grad school graduation, and it’s still a luxurious treasure. Trust me… you will never want to use an ordinary pen for meaningful inscriptions, letters, notes or signatures again.

9. A pair of diamond earrings

diamond earrings

Jewelry fashions come and go, but a pair of simple diamond earrings will always be in style. They work with daytime work clothes as well as with glamorous evening wear. They work beautifully in your twenties and they still look perfectly appropriate in your eighties.

Opt for a simple round or square cut diamond set in white gold or platinum for a look that will never go out of style. This is luxury that will last.

8. A classic sports car

Classic Mustang

There is just something about a classic sports car that nothing on a new car lot can match. Maybe it’s the throwback to a time when power and speed trumped economy and fuel efficiency. Or maybe it’s the lines that just scream fun and excitement instead of dependability and safety. Just take a spin in a classic Mustang or a vintage Porsche, and tell me it doesn’t feel amazing.

Owning one of these classics now is a luxury you’ll still be talking about (or maybe even driving!) when your great-grandchildren are looking for cars of their own.

7. A top notch satchel

Leather satchel

If you’re like most of us, you started out with school back packs, and now you’re using…well, grown uo backpacks. Isn’t it time to graduate to a fine leather satchel instead?

It will be your companion on journeys of all kinds, whether you’re off to India or just off to a convention in Miami. And while cloth, nylon or inexpensive suede backpacks and messenger bags get shabby and worn out over time, a fine leather bag will only get softer, with an elegant patina of age and wear hinting at adventure and travel.

6. A string of pearls

string of pearls

Audrey Hepburn knew it. Coco Channel wore layers of them. And Princess Diana almost never appeared in public without hers. A string of pearls. Today, Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Rihanna are sporting them, along with a Who’s Who list of popular women in music, film and industry.

Make sure you have your own piece of this classic luxury in your wardrobe. Select a simple single strand or multi-strand pearl necklace. Avoid the flashier gemstone accented strands…they’re a trend, not a classic.

5. A trip around the world

passport and plane ticket

It used to be that well brought-up young men and women spent at least a few months abroad. It was considered to be a critical part of one’s education, and a tool for functioning well in society.

If you haven’t spent significant time in other countries (and no, the seven countries and seven days trip doesn’t count!), this is a luxury you need in your life. If spending a year, or months or even more than a couple of weeks at a time exploring isn’t an option for you, pick a country a year and spend as much time as you can getting to know the people, the culture, the lifestyle. Given enough years, you just might make it around the world in time to write your memoirs of your grand adventure!

4. Custom made clothes

custom clothing

Imagine a shirt that isn’t too short in the arms and doesn’t bag at the waist. Or a dress that fits perfectly at the waist and falls to perfect point on your legs. Having a least a few items of custom made clothing is a classic luxury that deserves a return to popularity.

3. A boat

sailboat on water

The feel of the ocean breeze, the smell of the salt air, the sway of the deck under your feet. Oh, yes, I do think you need a boat. It might be a yacht…or it might be a two-person sailboat. All that matters is that you have the means to head out onto the open water and enjoy that sense of freedom that only happens when you leave the land and all the stresses that go with it far behind.

2. A really good watch

STAUER mens watch

I’ve heard it said that a man heading to a job interview used to be judged by three things. His shoes, the press on his shirt and his watch. For women, it was her purse, her shoes and her watch. The quality of a person’s watch, it was thought, reflected their attention to quality and detail.

Those days may be gone but the value of a finely-crafted watch hasn’t changed. Look for a watch from a trusted company. If you want the value to last, skip up the fads and passing fashions and select a classic style that will stand the test of time.

1. The bed of your dreams

luxury sheets

Maybe it takes a step or two to climb up into it. Maybe it’s soft as a cloud or firm and supportive. But splurging on a luxurious bed and all the wonderful old-world cotton or linen sheets and fluffy bedding that goes with it is one of the most wonderful ways to treat yourself. It’s a delight you’ll enjoy every night…what could be better?

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Sometimes the classics are the best. When it’s time to treat yourself to the best life has to offer, check out the tried and true winners.


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