Clothing for a wedding in the Rockies

Here are ideas for the perfect clothing for a wedding in the Rocky Mountains

Here are ideas for the perfect clothing for a wedding in the Rocky Mountains

There is possibly no more dramatic backdrop for your wedding than the Rocky Mountains. Their towering peaks are the perfect symbol for the heights of your love.

Getting married in such a beautiful setting gives you many options for your wedding attire. From classic and formal, to outdoorsy and casual, here are some ideas for clothing for a wedding in the Rockies.

A formal wedding with a mountain view

Just because your wedding is in the Rockies doesn’t mean it should be casual. The Rockies are blessed with dozens of hotels and ski resorts that offer breath-taking views of the mountains.

Choose a wedding dress as dramatic and memorable as the views. A gown in rich satin, trimmed with fur is a natural choice for a winter ceremony.  Or select a wedding dress embellished with hand-sewn beading to reflect the light just as the sun sparkles on the snow. For a winter wedding, choose bridesmaids dresses in soft colors to compliment rather than compete with the colors of the mountains.

If it’s a summer wedding, an off-the-shoulder gown in classic lace is a lovely choice. Bridesmaids might enjoy light and feminine cocktail length dresses in rose, lavender or sky blue.

A formal wedding in a beautiful room, with the mountains in full view behind the bride and groom, will be an image your guests will never forget, so look for a location with a large picture window or an expanse of French doors.
A cozy cabin wedding

If yours is a small wedding, consider a cabin wedding. Hold the ceremony indoors or outside among the trees. If the weather is chilly, have a warm fire burning and make sure there are lots of candles to light the room with a soft glow. Celebrate with a hearty buffet supper or a selection of desserts and hot chocolate.

What is the right clothing for a wedding in a cabin? A winter bride might choose a long sleeved gown in the soft creamy shades that look so flattering in firelight or candlelight.  The summer bride might opt for a simple gown in raw silk or softly tailored cotton.

The winter maid or matron of honor would look perfect in a long skirt and lace blouse in rich garnet, while the summer attendant could opt for a flowing silk skirt and blouse in soft green tones.

A wedding in the great outdoors

For the ultimate Rocky Mountain experience, consider a wedding at the edge of a mountain cirque, in the middle of the forest or even on top of a peak.

The choice in clothing for a wedding in nature is varied as the settings. A wedding in an outdoor setting can vary from casual dress to jeans and hiking boots. The choice is yours, but nature-loving brides and grooms should let guests know exactly what to expect in terrain and distance, lest someone arrives in heels or a suit for a mile hike into the woods or up a mountain!

A wedding in the Rockies is like none other.  Make sure yours is a dream come true.