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Clothing to Wear for Running

By Editorial Staff

running clothingby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

If you want to boost your health, stamina and mood while burning fat, running is the activity for you.

Nobody ever said it was easy, but the harder you work the better you feel. Best of all, it requires no special equipment, skills or location.

It is important to dress correctly though. This list of top things to wear for running will keep you warm and dry in winter, and cool in summer.

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10. Sporty skirt

Sporty skirt

Running is sexy. It slims, tones and fills you with pure energy. Just because you get a little sweaty, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing a skirt while doing it. Sporty skirts are lightweight and come with built-in shorts so you don’t have to worry about flashing the slower fellows. They’re also perfect for participating in Singles Fun Runs.

9. No shoes

No shoes

It’s not for everyone, but thanks to the best-selling book Born to Run, barefoot running has a devoted following. It’s pretty self explanatory, you run without shoes or socks on. The idea is that modern athletic shoes offer too much support. Going natural allows you body to instinctively correct your form and foot strike so you land on the cushy front foot rather than heels, preventing many injuries.

8. Hat, balaclava or headband

Hat, balaclava or headband

Cold weather running requires a certain amount of bundling up. Wear a synthetic hat, balaclava or insulated headband to protect your ears and keep warmth from leaving your body. Balaclavas are perfect for extreme temperatures because they also have a removable section that can cover your mouth, warming the air as your breathe so it doesn’t burn your throat.

7. Waist packs

 Waist packs

These are like fanny packs for athletes and oh so useful for longer runs. Once you’re going over nine miles at a time, it’s essential to hydrate often. But water fountains are often hard to find on the trails and who wants to lug a water bottle around? Waist packs fit mini bottles of water and have a small section for your keys and a few bucks should you need to buy a banana before heading back.

6. Socks


When it’s cold out, the best things to wear for running are thin layers to retain your body heat. This goes for your feet as well. Compression socks are designed to keep feet warm and dry. Double up in winter.

5. Outer shell

Outer shell

With the exception of steamy summer runs, a protective outer layer is important, but not any old sweatshirt will do. Choose one made from waterproof, wind-breaking material deigned to block cold and moisture. Another advantage of nylon and other synthetic fabrics is they release moisture from within.

4. Running tights

Running tights

These pants go by different names depending on the brand, but basically they’re running tights to keep your leg muscles warm so they don’t tear as temperatures drop. Wear shorts or a second layer of pants over them for extra warmth and you won’t feel so exposed in these super tight tights!

3. Shorts


Running in a pair of shorts on a cool day is a runner’s dream come true, especially if you’re marathon training. Again, synthetic fabrics are ideal for optimal comfort. If you’re not enthusiastic about baring the legs just yet, try three-quarter length fitted athletic pants.

2. Sports bra

Sports bra

Ladies, doing any kind of exercise without a sports bra is not a good idea. Female breasts don’t naturally have support, so without a sports bra you can actually cause permanent damage regardless of your cup size. Compression bras reduce up and down movement while encapsulation one prevent both up and down and side to side. Both prevent injury so choose which style works for you.

1. Sweat-wicking top

Sweat-wicking top

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Regardless of the temperature, choose a moisture-wicking top, or inner layer, to stay dry. Sweaty cotton shirts are incredibly uncomfortable because they absorb rather than wick sweat, so you stay sticky the whole run. Of all the best things to wear for running, appropriate tops simply make running more enjoyable.


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