holiday doll collectionby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

For doll collectors, holidays are some of the most sought after themes.

And while you may have no trouble finding yet another version of Santa Clause to add to your growing display of all things Santa, sometimes it’s nice to add something a little different to the collection. Here is a list of ten unique theme dolls to brighten your holidays and a little magic back into every season.

10. Scarecrow


Tucker Scarecrow does double duty for both Halloween and Thanksgiving, keeping the crows at bay for your big harvest.

9. Nativity Baby Jesus

Nativity Baby Jesus

The heart and soul of Christmas for all Christians, a collectible porcelain baby Jesus would be the perfect addition to any nativity scene.

8. Christmas Doll Patterns

doll patterns

Dress your doll collection in beautiful hand sewn doll costumes to add that perfect touch of adorable to your holiday display. You can knit or crochet lovely accessories for your dolls, as well, and dress them to match the season!

7. Magic Cabin Seasonal Fairies

Magic Cabin Seasonal Fairies

Lovingly handcrafted, these Magic Cabin Fairies each embody a particular season and comes with her own little animal friend. They are poseable and plush, making them great for display and for enchanting your young friends on a rainy day.

6. “Winter” Xenis Musical Doll

"Winter" Xenis Musical Doll

This rare specimen is a true collector’s piece. “Winter” embodies that coldest of seasons, and adds a touch of whimsy and romance to any winter holiday display. She is truly a work of art.

5. Love Ya Sock Monkey

Love Ya Sock Monkey

It’s Valentine’s Day, and who doesn’t need their own love monkey expressing all the love you have to give? Perfect for the sock monkey lover in your life.

4. Halloween Witch

Halloween Witch

Annalee makes several Halloween witches for that fated day in October, but Halloween Hagatha is an instant favorite. She’s got her own broom and kookie outfit. This old broad is sure to put a spell on you.

3. Fritz & Freida Rag Doll Bunnies

 Fritz & Freida Rag Doll Bunnies

Fritz and Freida add a classic feel to the spring festivities. With a Victorian era feel, these handmade dolls are soft and huggable, making them a great gift for collectors and children alike.

2. Autumn Fairy

Autumn Fairy

A fairy doll combines the enchantment of wings, magic and imagination. With a sparkly dress and lovely flowers, she is sure to make your holiday decor even more magical.

1. Nutcracker Nesting Dolls

Nutcracker Nesting Dolls

No winter holiday display is complete without a few nutcrackers, and nesting dolls are a fun and unique way to add to that nutcracker collection. This set of 5 dolls, each fitting into the next, is hand painted and sure to delight.