Comfortable Bedroom Decorating Ideas

by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Your bedroom is your oasis from the outside world.

It’s your place to relax and rejuvenate so you are ready to face the world every day. To accomplish this, we’ve assembled the top 10 decorating ideas to create the most comfortable bedroom possible. Sound intriguing? Read on!

10. Paint


Color is a powerful tool – something that can lift spirits, create cheerfulness or a sense of calm. Every color evokes a feeling, so choose a paint shade that makes you feel calm just by looking at it. Greens connect with nature and are associated with renewal and good health. Blue is a color we see every day, whether it’s in the sky or in water, and the familiarity instills a sense of trust.

9. Flooring


Soft materials on the floor are comfortable for your feet and give a sense of luxury when you step on them. Thick pile carpeting is a typical choice. Accent rugs by the bed can soften things up if you have hard wood or tile floors. For a more unique approach, fluffy faux fur will give your feet the soft landing they crave when you get out of bed.

8. Furniture


Furniture selection is very important when it comes to making a comfortable space. Add just the pieces you need without overcrowding the room for a clean look that helps put the mind at rest. Traditional pieces are usually made of heavier woods that can overpower a room. To keep this from happening, make sure there is visible space in between items. If a minimalist approach is your preference, add a vase of flowers, photographs or other knickknacks to keep the room from feeling too empty.

7. Artwork


Choose wall decor that speaks to you – pieces that give you a sense of peace and happiness. These could be treasured photos grouped together or original paintings from a favored artist. The key is that it is personal and provides a connection to your space. As with color, seeing a favorite work of art can lift your mood and make you happier to fall asleep and wake up.

6. Mattresses


Your mattress is your link to a great night’s rest. Buy the best brand name mattress you can afford and replace it when it no longer supports like it should. It has a tremendous impact on your state of mind, overall health and comfort. Try before you buy, visiting local stores to discover what feels best to you. Once you have it narrowed down, do your homework and research your options. When you do make your purchase, make sure the mattress comes with a no-hassle return policy, just in case it isn’t the mattress of your dreams.

5. Lighting


Lighting sets the mood. So if you want to be comfortable, keep the bulb brightness in mind. Bright ceiling lights are great when you’re working in the room or getting dressed. When it’s time to relax, table lights with lower lumen bulbs are a nice choice. Look for bulbs in warm rather than cool tones – they are easy on the eyes and can enhance a romantic mood.

4. Pillows


From soft and squishy to firm and form-fitting, there are tons of pillow choices out there. When you sleep, you’ll want a high-quality pillow that gently supports your head. If your comfort levels vary from day to day, consider having a few pillows in a variety of firmness levels. That way, you can grab the one that feels best, ensuring the best night’s sleep possible. Decorative pillows also add to the perceived comfort of a room, making the bed look warm and inviting when it’s all made up.

3. Comforter


Comforters are like the wrapping on a present or frosting on a cake. This is where you can have some fun and inject your personality into your living space. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a few that you truly love and want to display on your bed. Love Christmas? Dress your bed with a holiday comforter in greens and reds, maybe with a dash of gold or silver. If the seasons themselves are something that resonates with you, warm colors are perfect for fall. In the spring, bring in tender greens, whites and soft yellows. It’s your bed – make it the way you want.

2. Alarm clock

Alarm clock

Be kind to yourself in the morning and consider a gradual alarm clock instead of the traditional bells or buzzers. Gradual clocks have a light that simulates sunrise at any time you specify. If you aren’t light sensitive, look at sound only options. Many manufacturers offer nature sounds from chirping birds to rushing waves or gentle rainstorms.

1. Sheets


For a comfortable night’s rest, purchase the best sheets you can find. Quality fabric matters, such as cotton, bamboo, or silk. When choosing sheets, thread count is important. The higher the count, the softer the fabric. Just imagine wrapping yourself up in 1000 or more threads per square inch of sheet. Sleep is calling – are you listening?

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