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Compression socks don’t have to be a headache

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Compression socks don't have to be a headache with the right dressing technique

Compression socks don’t have to be a headache with the right dressing technique

Compression socks aren’t just for the elderly. They are worn to improve sports performance, prevent life-threatening medical conditions, and to improve comfort for those who get “weary” legs. With a little know-how and handy dressing aides, compression socks don’t have to be a headache.

Compression socks improve blood flow in your legs, which can lessen aches, pain, and distressing swelling. For those people with medical conditions, compression socks are a serious ally in lowering the chances of deep vein thrombosis – a blood clot that can lead to death – and circulation abnormalities.

The struggle is real

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Some people opt to not wear the compression socks that could save their life, however. Why not? Just the thought of the struggle to put them on can raise your blood pressure!

Making compression socks easier to wear

There are plenty of tips and dressing aides – like sock puller-uppers – that will make putting compression socks on much easier. If they are less of a struggle to pull on, your incentive not to skip them while getting dressed will have great health benefits.


Compression socks are available in different sizes and strengths. Some have a tighter fit than others. Some are longer or shorter on your leg than others. Even though they are called “socks,” they only cover the lower part of your leg, not your entire foot. Compression socks do exactly what the name suggests: apply pressure to your leg, with the tightest part of the sock around your ankle and lessening compression as they go up your leg. 

Talk with your physician or physical therapist to make sure that your compression socks are the best solution for your specific health needs, and that you are purchasing the correct size. 

As with any tight article of clothing – imagine getting into those Spanx – compression socks can be a challenge. The benefits outweigh the hassle, though, so find a method of putting them on that works for you, including buying a sock aid.

After you have sizing and type narrowed down to the best selection for your needs, you should practice putting them on. First, smooth them out so that they lie flat against your leg, and avoid bunching up. If the top needs to be rolled down, then your socks are too long, and you could have blood flow problems – think about a rubber band around your finger! Not good.

Many people who wear compression socks find that a hinged sock aide is life-saver in getting their socks on correctly. The simple device stretches the compression stocking open so that you can get your foot through it easily and pull it onto your calf. Then a sturdy cord helps you pull the socks up to your knee and slide the sock aide out. For people who don’t have an at-home helper, a hinged sock aid is especially helpful.

Enjoy the benefits of compression socks

After you master the art of pulling on your compression socks, and you wear them regularly, you will begin to note the benefits.

Your legs will probably feel less achy and less tired. Your feet and ankles should swell less. Dizziness upon standing and light-headedness may happen less frequently. And the long-term health benefits of spider vein and varicose vein prevention – and ultimately blood clot prevention – is a life-saving feature of compression socks.

Although compression socks haven’t been shown to actually improve performance for athletes, many professional sports players, runners, and competitive sports men and women, swear by their benefits. If something makes you think you have improved performance, there is a benefit right there! If you wear your compression socks just to get around during a normal day while attending to a medical issue, enjoy the serious health benefits and adopt that positive athletic attitude.


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