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By Editorial Staff

Real Estate Leads are Great…Sales are Better

The painstaking process of lead gen probably began with Neanderthals. They had to go out and find a suitable animal for dinner and once they found their prey, to convert it into a feast, they had to kill it and drag a huge beast miles and miles back home. Not easy, for sure.

But today’s real estate professionals may have it tougher. When prehistoric man found a saber toothed tiger they wanted, they didn’t have to fight hundreds of other agents for their ‘dinner’. In fact, that tiger returned their interest tenfold.

Today, you may not have to resort to such extreme measures to eat but it is immeasurably difficult to get the attention of prospective clients let alone their loyalty.

There are many approaches to lead gen but the critical component of any strategy is To Turn That Lead into a Client and Ultimately a Sale.

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3 Ways to Increase Leads
1 Powerful Tool to Convert Them

[There is a wealth of info out there about how to get your message out there, I’m beginning with how you increase the number of clients you have charmed and brought in from the lead phase.]


  1. Digital Property Guides Put You Back in Control of Your Destiny
Make sure your clients are seeing the digital listings and content you want them to see. Zillow is a big competitor, but realtors are fierce and you are not without options.

A Digital Property Guide is an interactive brochure of your properties, videos, content or anything you want to share about your business. It is a comprehensive method of connecting everything you offer to potential clients.

Of course it is an easy format that you can distribute weekly or monthly to continue to grow your funnel of clients, nurture your quality leads and strengthen your brand marketing. It’s the fastest way to gain a loyal and informed network.

Digital brochures are important because unlike their paper counterparts, they are mobile friendly, easily updated and you can share it across all of your digital platforms without additional cost.

  • 76% of buyers start their search on their mobile device
  • 95% of consumers that obtain brochures become aware of a business
  • 80% of people consider visiting the business they saw in brochures

Automate…Automate…Automate –

This app is a hybrid- not only does it generate leads but it offers brilliant tools for lead conversion as well.

With all this interest coming your way, if you don’t have a way of tracking and organizing the leads, you won’t be able to nurture them properly so you can count them as clients in the future.

Having an app that does all this for you is a game changer. Having that app on your phone that feeds back to a central dashboard is priceless.

Where could you use this APP? Let me count the ways…

    • Use it as a business card and send not only your info to clients but a curated collection of properties and content in a beautiful package [Clients info is captured and saved]
    • Open Houses: Paper is so, well it’s just paper. Have each guest sign in to an ipad-you capture their info and they receive a digital catalog to take with them
    • Put SMS short code or QR codes on signage, print ads, mailings, Google Adwords, even Zillow – capture lead info and they get a piece of you to keep
Know you need to have a strong social media presence but not sure where to begin?

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA – Brand Yourself as the ‘Expert’ & Get Noticed
    • Social Media is powerful not only for lead gen but as a source for referrals.
According to the NAR, over 50% of realtors site social media as the best source of quality leads. But in reality, only a small percentage have a developed following that can really affect their success. The key word is “QUALITY”. All leads are not equal.

Yet, only 11% of agents have a blog, that means there is plenty of room for you to get to the head of the pack. I get it, realtors are some of the busiest people on the planet but you can tap into the well of social media with a small commitment.

    • Hire a college writing student to blog once a week for you
    • Use lots of pictures, people digest images 60x’s faster than text
    • A blog is meant to inform and let the reader know who you are. Consistency is better than length.
    • There are companies that will write it for you at a very reasonable price
    • Summarize an interesting article you’ve read and post that
The critical element is that once you write a blog, you have to get it in front of people.
Check out how Lang Realty ensures their content is seen Fun in Palm Beach

  1. VIDEO

Let me show you a few statistics:

  • Facebook has stated that they will be 100% video based by 2021.
  • RE listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without.
  • Of all buyers and sellers, 85% want to work with an agent who uses video as part of their marketing efforts.
  • If you’re not sold yet, video is prioritized by digital algorithms, like social channels Facebook and Instagram, and search engines like Google. That means if you’re not using videos to reach your audience on these channels, your competition is.
Check out how this agent ensures that their videos are seen: Calling All Agents

Here at, we work with our real estate clients to customize a plan of action to exceed your growth expectations. Give us a call for a demonstration or to just find out more.


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