accessories for railroadingby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

When it comes to putting together model railroads, we always want to make them as realistic as possible.

We also want them to have all the bells and whistles we can possibly find. This can be easier said than done, especially if we’re just getting started with this hobby. Knowing where to start when it comes to having the best model railroad we could possibly have is half the battle. The other half is between these top ten cool accessories for model railroads.

10. Old School Light-up Sign

Old School Light-up Sign

No model railroad is complete down to the most minute detail unless it has something like an old school light up sign to drive your train by. This works especially well if you are indeed planning a railroad setup that harkens back to the “good old days.”

9. Rail joiners

rail joiners

Rail joiners are incredibly important if you want to be able to keep your model railroad going and building on. There are all kinds of different kinds and you’ll need to get a specialized set of rail joiners.

8. Charger


This accessory is more functional than good looking but it is one that serves a real purpose. Chargers are going to be better for newer trains that run wirelessly – but those are the ones most modelers are going to use.

7. Barrels


When you are driving your model train around the tracks, you are going to want accessories that add to the reality. Putting barrels, crates, dumpsters and other outdoor props in the scenery just adds to the everyday appearance.

6. Milk Cans and more

Milk Cans

Much like barrels, there is just something that adds a level of detail and realism when you have little realistic props like milk cans out around the track. These especially work when you’re considering having the train go through the country. Look for lots of these little touches of reality to create a life-like scene.

5. Water Tower

Water Tower

An operating water tower is something that is going to add to the overall look of your model railroad. That’s why this is an accessory that will really set your railroad installation apart and is one of the best railroad model accessories.

4. Buildings


If you are talking about realism for your railroad model, you need to have a good variety of different buildings that the train can go around. What kind of buildings you put on the set depends on the overall theme – rural, urban, industrial.

3. Figures


Just like making sure you have realism with buildings and water towers and the like, you’re going to want to have figures in the logical locations – to look like workers, passengers, and railroad personnel.

2. Holiday Setups

Holiday Setups

If you really want to go with a realistic model railroad, you’ll want to be able to get different setups depending on the time of year. Christmas has long been one of the most favorite accessories. There’s just something about a train rolling through a festive holiday town.

1. Animals


Just one more thing that will make your model railroads that much more fun to look at and use is if there are actually miniature animals that you can put around your railroad scene. They can actually be part of the theme if you’ve planned your landscape correctly.