Cool Home Theater Setups

home theaterContributed by Info Guru Bryce Hammons

So, you’re looking for a way to implement a home theater system into your pad? As you’ve probably found out, there are many cool home theater setups in circulation.

There are the cheaper varieties for the small family. And then there are what we will focus on in this article: those large technological behemoths designed for the elite few.

These models can be something to aspire to, the cream of the crop at which we can all marvel at thanks to the innate design, creativity through sound and visuals, and sheer technical skill involved. Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the higher end ideas out there for some of the coolest set-ups you’ll ever see. Many of these can be dreams – but good dreams – as certain models can run from $100,000 and up.

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the higher end, out-of-this-world models available to the rich and famous.

10. Classic Style or Night Sky

Classic Style or Night Sky

For those looking to ramp up the visual quality of their new ventures, look no further than the night sky or classic style variations. The night sky provides a soothing and beautiful ceiling that can draw you in to the overall experience while the classic style will remind you of buildings and painting circa Gladiator times.

9. Deathstar/Star Wars Theme

Deathstar/Star Wars Theme

For those who are still simmering over the Star Wars prequels, this set-up can bring you back to the good old days – Namely, those without Jar Jar Binks. There are three levels of seats, a large screen, props from the films, and a ship-like design to the area.

8. Titanic


For those who love James Cameron and/or intricate design patterns, the innards of the ship can be yours. It’s a gorgeous and regal setting in which to watch a film and adds a certain hint of high-class living to the overall proceeding.

7. Enterprise


Trekkies can have their own Enterprise ship for a pretty penny; it was named the best theme design at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association in 2007.

6. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Expert Doug Charrois thought up this design, replete with Indy himself, idols galore, and an archeology themed area. It’s even good enough to make you forget the fourth Indiana Jones adventure.

5. Wood Paneled

Wood Paneled

Normally an awful choice for humble abodes due to the fact that it causes audio distortion, requiring serious planning and professional quality audio cables, wood is not the usual choice for construction. But Custom Home Integrations out of Mooresville, N.C., created a gorgeous wood-paneled room by using carpeting and additional treatment of the ceiling panels in order to absorb sound (and keep it from escaping the room). The result is a true beauty.

4. Vault System

Vault System

This variation – thought up by Connected Technologies – offers beautiful seating, painted murals, cherry wood, and a large bank vault door. Hopefully, after the movie’s done, you can still get out – Just joking.

3. $6 Million System

$6 Million System

Kipnis Studio-Standard offers this behemoth for light spenders: it’s only $6 million dollars. It may just offer the ultimate theater going experience, though, even besting most of the chains around the country. Basically, it puts them to shame and if money is no issue, this may be (IS) the system for you. It has everything you can dream of: comfort, style, and theater controls at your fingertips.

2. Opera House

Opera House

Look at the picture above and then visualize that – in a slightly smaller scale – in your house. It’s quiet, relaxing, beautiful, and ornate.

1. Batcave


Of all the cool home theater setups, this one may just take the cake. You receive a replica bat cave, beautiful black chairs, and a bat emblem-encrusted screen to boot. Not many times in your life will you get a chance to be Batman (read: never) so this may be the closest you get to living the life of the caped crusader.


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