What are some really special gifts for the favorite couples in your life?

What are some really special gifts for the favorite couples in your life?

Although couple gift ideas as poignant as those exchanged by the loving Jim and Della in O. Henry?s classic, The Gift of the Magi, might not come to mind, there are many wonderful gifts for those couples on your holiday gift list. The key is to use your imagination. If you do, it will never fail you. Whether the Inspirational idea is an exciting cruise to nowhere or a picnic basket for two, there are many couple gift ideas lurking in the creative corners of your mind, bursting to come free.

Many times, the real issue at hand with couple gift ideas is not the inspiration, but rather the ability to afford it. If this is the case, consider asking a mutual friend to go in on the gift with you. If you are buying for your own other half, the gift should be based solely on the desires and needs of the other person, but if you are buying a gift for a couple, you must remember that the tastes and preferences of both partners must be considered. Fancy glassware, such as elegant champagne glasses make wonderful couple gift ideas, but never buy just one; make sure you purchase at least a pair.


Here are some couple gift ideas

1-Name two stars in honor of your favorite couple

One of the most imaginative couple gift ideas is to visit a star registry and name either one or two stars in honor of your favored couple. The couple in question are certain to be blown away by this thoughtful and truly out of this world gift experience!

2- Personalize a gift of chocolate

If you are in the market for some chocolate either for your favored pair or for the other half of your own duet, consider personalized candy. You can order a batch of personalized M&M’s for example, and not only select the colors you would like but also put your own very personal message on them.

3- A unique coupon book

Make a coupon book for the special couple in your life. Make you own coupons and have them represent things that you know your favorite couple would love to do both collectively and individually. If you include a day at the spa for her, make sure you also consider a night out with the boys for him. (It could be a round of drinks, a ticket to a special event or something along those lines).

4- Family games as couple gift ideas

Give your couple friends a game night gift. Couples can play board games together or with friends, and if they have children, the whole family can get in on the fun. Game choices should be custom-made to suit the couple’s interests. You probably can?t go wrong with such classic board games as Monopoly and Scrabble, but shop around before selecting, keeping their favorite things in mind.

5- Movie night for movie buffs

If the couples on your holiday list love movies, consider a movie night in as a gift. Purchase a DVD for them or a gift card to a video store. Put it in a decorative gift box or bag and add some classic movie-watching snacks such as: microwave popcorn, candy treats and some 20-ounce bottles of soda. For an extra flourish, add a cozy blanket for snuggling on the couch, or decorative buckets for their popcorn.

So whether you decide to go for family-oriented couple gift ideas or just plain small romantic gifts for a couple that needs to spend more time together, it is the thought behind it as in any gift of the heart that really counts.

Give the gift for your favorite couples some thought and an original idea will always come along to save the day.