Fun craft projects that travel well for crafters on the go

Fun craft projects that travel well for crafters on the go

Before setting off on your next adventure, be sure to pack a few creative activities. Well chosen projects will help you capture those fleeting vacation memories, or simply entertain children around a picnic table on a rainy day. But before you raid the craft closet for all things bright and sparkly, consider a few logistics.

The best travel activities are portable and easy to pack, as well as to clean up. Depending on who and how many people you?re traveling with, you may also want it to be something you can share with others. Projects that require a number of small parts like beads, which are easily lost, are probably best saved for cozy days at home.

Craft projects that travel well will often result in something usable and lovely, something you will want to keep and treasure. Naturally, they reflect places you see and new experiences you have along the way. Time is precious on trips so avoid throw-away activities that do little more than kill time.

Here are a few travel-friendly projects that?ll engage your creativity wherever the road may lead you.

Knits and crochet

From socks and scarves to gloves, cowls, hats and other useful accessories, knitting is one of the most popular craft projects that travel well. All you need is yarn and needles. There?s no mess and whatever you make becomes infused with the scents and memories of the journey. 


Who wouldn?t love a turquoise scarf that smells of warm ocean breezes or a sweater crocheted in a mountain cabin beneath the Milky Way? Select a pattern before you go or bring along a small variety of yarn and allow the mood to guide your pattern and color choices.  

Needle felting

There?s a reason needle felters are so giddy and prolific ? it?s fun to poke a bunch of holes in wool and create something special. Teach them to mind the sharp needle and even children can do it. Why buy a pricey souvenir doll or stuffed animal, when you can make them a felt toy that?s one-of-a-kind?

Kids can felt little buddies with wool balls and add some basic ears, eyes and perhaps a tail, or try to felt new-to-them animals they see on the trip. Simple projects for adults include bookmarks, embellished accessories or a beautiful cover for a family travel journal. The mess is minimal and supplies for this hobby are affordable and reusable.


Looking for something relaxing and meditative to do between roller coasters and canoeing? Embroidery and cross stitch projects offer a mini escape from the occasional strains of vacationing. Sometimes you need to slip back into your zone no matter how beautiful the surrounding scenery.

Needlework supplies are small, lightweight and easy to contain. Buy a kit and the project becomes like a sophisticated coloring book and supplies everything you need. Create wall art, pillow cases or other intricate home accessories.

Apothecary bottles

Here?s a fun way to create some fabulously personal souvenirs. Most craft supply shops carry colorful apothecary bottles ? tiny glass, nicely shaped bottles with a small cork. When complete, you tie it to a sturdy string to make a necklace or other ornament.

Give each person in the family a bottle. You can add anything from beach sand and a small shell, pebble or leaf. Then write a quote or memory with a date and place on a small piece of paper, roll it up like a scroll and slide it inside as well.   

For the scrapbook

You probably won?t have the time or inclination to scrapbook while on the road. So send home some fodder for the future by mailing postcards home describing favorite moments and places from the trip.

Craft projects that travel well will enhance your time away and preserve all those sweet memories.