no mess craftsContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

Whether talking about doing something in order to fill some time, or finding something for your kids to do besides playing video games; crafts can fill the void.

The big problem when working in the arts and crafts world is that they tend to make quite a bit of a mess. Doing the actual act is always fun, cleaning up is never any fun. Luckily for you, there are a number of different activities that you can do that won’t leave anywhere near the mess or fuss. Also lucky for you, we’ve decided that it’s just not fair to keep those a secret. Without further ado, we bring you the top 10 crafts that don’t make a mess.

10. Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers

While paint can make a bit of a mess, there is usually something a little more orderly and less messy about using Paint by Numbers books. The fact that users are supposed to paint inside the lines seems to bring about more order while still being fun.

9. Calligraphy


Calligraphy is not only among the top 10 crafts that don’t make a mess, it is a lost art. This particular pastime isn’t all that messy, because it basically requires a special calligraphy pen and paper – and patience. The craftiness is being able to carry out the fancy writing in the right way.

8. Animals from Hands and Feet

Animals from Hands and Feet

This craft is one that is relatively easy to do and creates very little mess. Simply have someone put their hand down with fingers spread, or any other pose. Trace around and cut out the shape. Then draw or color on the cutout to make it look as though it is some kind of animal. This is quick and easy and little kids especially will love it.

7. Cross Stitching

Cross Stitching

Cross stitching is one of those activities that can take quite a bit of skill. The craft does not take quite a bit of cleanup. This might not be perfect for a younger child, who doesn’t have great dexterity in their hands yet, but older children or grown adults can find this quite a fun craft to pass the time.

6. Beads

bead project

Beads are another no-mess craft that can be fun for all ages. The only way these can create a bit of a mess if someone spills the package and they roll all over the floor. As long as someone makes sure to keep everything together, this is a fun project that isn’t going to cause a lot of mess problems.

5. Drawing or Writing on Clothes

Drawing or Writing on Clothes

Drawing or writing on clothes is mess-free when you go with the special marker route, as opposed to paint. You can get shirts or other items of clothing that have designs already on them, or you can just get a white t-shirt and go to town.

4. Crayon Rubbing

Crayon Rubbing

Chalk rubbing is one of the most popular arty sort of crafts to do, but it can create quite a mess. By switching out the chalk for crayons, you can get the same quality with less mess. These rubbings can be pretty basic if you are working with small children or quite high end if done by more mature artists.

3. Watercolor paints

Watercolor paints

While some people will swear up and down that watercolor paints are messy, there are ways to keep the mess to a minimum. There are basic watercolor paint trays that keep the mess contained. Any mess that is made by these paints is easier to clean up than oil based paint messes.

2. Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink is a fun little craft to do at home that requires some lemon juice and a little water. Simply dip a brush in the mixture and draw or write on a piece of paper whatever you’d like. Then heat the paper up and the design will show. No muss, no fuss.

1. Paint in a baggy

Paint in a baggy

Using paint in a baggy is truly a mess free way to get quite crafty. Squirt some paint into the baggy, then make sure the bag is tightly sealed. Then you or your kids can go to town making any kinds of designs they want by pressing on the outside of the bag. Everything is contained, so there’s zero mess.