Every year it seems as though the holiday season gets bigger, longer, and more spectacular. The fact is, the little things are what make the holiday season such a special time of the year. It’s the corny jokes your uncle makes at the table every year, watching the little kids stir the batter in the kitchen and making conversation over punch in the living room that make the holidays the best time of the year. Centerpieces are a great compliment to any holiday meal and can be a fun and inexpensive project that will add a ton of holiday spirit to your home.

Simple Greenery, Fruit, and Candles Centerpiece

First on the list has a hundred variations, but the three main ingredients are pillar candles, greenery, and seasonal fruit. These are great because you can add a really personal touch to them. Easily change the style with the type of greenery and color of the fruit – white pillar candles or tea lights in votives.

Country Chic Mason Jar Centerpiece

This rustic Christmas centerpiece is a perfect way to ring in the holiday season. Make these Pretty holiday centerpieces in just minutes with mason jars, salt, evergreen branches, tea candles, and cranberries. Simple and inexpensive!

Glamorous Ornament Centerpiece

Glamorous ornament centerpieces add a festive touch of class to any table spread. You can make these yourself with items you have on hand. Simply gather your favorite glass ornaments(or purchase some inexpensive ones), add to a cake stand or square vase, and garnish with some greenery, ribbon, or faux snow.

Festive Paper Decor Centerpiece

Paper centerpieces add a festive touch to any table spread. From complicated origami to simple paper crafts, this inexpensive crafty alternative to traditional centerpieces can be as intricate or simple as your taste and time dictate.

Fun Colorful Candy Centerpiece

Some of the simplest decorations to create are these colorful candy-themed centerpieces. A simple glass mug filled with Christmas candy, or a glass vase neatly layered with differently colored or patterned candy, topped off with lollipops and candy canes for height, make a delicious edible centerpiece. Alternatively, a floral foam cone (ball shapes work as well), some Christmas colored candy available in bulk, and a hot glue gun make a fun holiday craft centerpiece.

This year, take some time to make your holiday gathering just a little more special with a personalized using the ideas from this list of creative holiday centerpiece ideas.