creative places to hang artContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

I’m not an artist and I don’t play one on TV, but I do like to have paintings, photographs and artistic pieces hanging around my house.

Of course, a straight line of picture frames on a wall justice to any artwork, so it pays to show your creativity and display your collection in artistic and unusual ways. If you’re stumped, I’ll help you get started with these creative places to hang art.

10. Up the Down Staircase

 Up the Down Staircase

Staircase walls are good for hanging paintings and photographs, especially if they are related or of the same theme, like a collage of family portraits in coordinated wall frames. Small pictures work better on staircases because the walls are close to the viewers and you don’t want anyone tumbling while viewing.

9. Dine with Wine and Fine Art

Ursula Abresch print

The dining room is a nice room for displaying artwork, especially dramatic works of modern art (you wouldn’t want to offend anyone with politically incorrect hunting scenes or religiously challenging images while they’re eating. Save that for dessert in the living room!) Place the pieces so they can be seen while seated rather than standing. If your dining area is in the kitchen, avoid paintings or other artwork that may be damaged by heat, steam or smoke.

8. Art Your Auto

Art Your Auto

Houston and other cities have annual Art Car parades for cars decorated as pieces of art. Why not start your own by placing an art piece in the window or, for something a little more permanent, on the doors, trunk or hood.

7. Daring Doors

Daring Doors

Take down that boring “Welcome” sign and replace it with a favorite photo or artwork. It tells your guests a little about you as soon as they walk in.

6. Book It

Book It

You can only read one book at a time, so use that bookcase as a display for a painting. It gives the space a layered look and will draw eyes to the bookcase that might otherwise be turned off by all those, you know, books.

5. Make Rover a Rembrandt

dog art

My dog’s crate used to stick out like a sore thumb until I put a some custom art work on the side. All I did was order a solid color fabric crate cover and use fabric transfer supplies to customize it with images of my pups favorite treats…classic still life images of tables piled with food!

Now it’s such an amazing work of art he wants me to paint his doghouse and add some statues, (as long as they’re not cats or squirrels.)

4. Mother Hubbard – Cupboard Artist


Kitchen cupboard doors are boring so liven them up with little paintings or art pieces. Fasten them firmly and use pieces that can be cleaned easily.

3. Get Floored

Get Floored

You can’t really hang art on the floor – that law of gravity makes it illegal. However, lay pictures and paintings flat on the floor along a wall or propped against the wall for an interesting display. This also makes them easy to rearrange or pick up and peruse more closely.

2. Park on a Bench

 Park on a Bench

A bench along a wall or in a corner offers a nice place to display small pieces of art or collectibles. You can place it in the corner of the bench where it won’t be sat on or underneath for an interesting angle for viewing. If you’re handy, you can even incorporate the art in the bench itself.

1. See the Ceiling

See the Ceiling

Ceilings are for more than fans, mirrors and cobwebs. Fasten small pieces of artwork securely to the ceiling for a fun display or cover it completely with an art canvas. Sun or stars are great for a planetarium feel – just make sure you keep the floor clear of coffee tables.