Old world libraries have a certain charm. Perhaps it is the rich scent of leather and old books. Maybe it is the contrast of plush sofas and the firm spine of a leather bound tome.

Either way, a well appointed library speaks to the soul, and it beckons to lovers of literature?calling to them like a siren?s song, encouraging them to steal away for a few moments respite between the pages. Every book lover deserves a reader?s retreat. Here are ways to decorate an old world library that?s so lovely, you?ll think it?s a work of fiction.

Books, Books, and More Books? and Bookshelves

At the heart of every fine library are the books. As every bibliophile knows, a varied selection of books is a must. Invest in a multitude of books covering a variety of subjects. Include reference books, history, art, literature, science, philosophy, to name just a few areas.

Consider investing in a few rare books in your special areas of interest. Or splurge on an autographed copy, or a first edition.

But amassing your book collection is just the beginning. Just as important to an old world library is a method for storing the tales. Rich wood shelving creates a stylish uniformity for displaying your book collection. Custom shelving is one option, but shelving units in similar colors and style can also create a uniform showcase. 

Showcase Collectibles

Old world libraries often housed more than just books. Collectibles of all sorts graced these elegant rooms. Show off your coin collection, your antique maps, your stained glass lamps. Bring out your whisky decanters, your antique postcards, and your tea trolley. Tapestries, vintage typewriters, and rock collections all work well in this scholarly space. Creatively displayed collectibles and objects d?art can all find a home along side your books. Consider investing in a collection of stylish bookends to add extra flair to your shelves!


A Soft Spot for Book Lovers

Books lovers also require a soft spot to curl up and read. Nothing beckons on a rainy day than a cozy chaise lounge. But an antique wingback with an ottoman, or a well-worn leather sofa can also provide comfortable seating. The fabric choice is also a major consideration; warm velvets, rich leathers, elaborate tapestries, and timeless tartans all work well for an old world library.

Or, better yet, add a touch of several fabrics to add contrast of colors and textures. Plush pillows add both comfort and allows for additional of complimentary patterns. 

Pick Your Palette

Old world libraries embrace warmth and depth of color. Rich reds, warm browns, jewel tones and earthy hues give a masculine strength to the space. No delicate colors here! Pass on the pastels and plan, instead, on pairing a family of evocative colors to create a room worthy of housing literary masterpieces. 

Fine Flooring for a Fine Space

One of the elements that can pull together a space is the flooring. Whether you opt for a classic wide-planked wood floor, a stone flagged floor, or a fine wool rug, make sure that your floor choice reflects quality and attention to detail rich. For a Scottish manor house feel, consider a wool, tartan rug. The clean, rich lines of a wood floor may harken to an English country estate.  These classic choices will enhance the old world aura of your book space. 

Capturing the classic style of an English country house, a Tuscan villa, or a Highland manor creates a warm and inviting place to enjoy a tale or two. These easy steps will help you create a book lovers paradise with plenty of old world charm.