diabetic clothingby Catalogs.com Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Diabetic socks, shoes and other garments are made to make life more comfortable and free of soreness.

They’re made from non-constrictive materials to allow for swelling and aid poor circulation. These diabetic clothing essentials will keep you looking and feeling good each day.

10. Walking socks

walking socks

Walking socks with moderate compression provide support without causing discomfort. They have the look and feel of regular socks with bonus cushioning and a larger toe box. Moisture wicking fabrics guarantee your feet will stay dry all day long and free of irritation.

9. Easy-closing tops

Easy-closing tops

Whether you’re heading to the office or someplace dressy, a nice blouse is a closet staple for many women. Standard styles can be difficult to put on, however. Blouses made with front closures have the same look as a button down, only they’re easy to fasten and are typically made from a soft, machine-washable fabric.

8. Performance sleeves

Performance sleeves

Diabetic clothing essentials are all about helping you do the things you want to do with ease. Performance sleeves are ideal for runners and other endurance activities. They hug your legs and arms to promote better circulation and help reduce muscle strain. Faster recovery allows you to get out there and do it again the next day.

7. Super wide slippers

Super wide slippers

Soothe your feet by treating them to a pair of super wide slippers. Made with memory foam or adjustable straps, they feel like pillows wrapped around your ankles only more supportive and with traction on the bottoms. The extra width leaves room for your feet to breathe in style.

6. Slip on pants

Slip on pants

Slipping into a nice pair of jeans isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Slip on pants are, particularly those that come with Velcro band strips around an elasticized waistband. No more struggling to get dressed or constant adjusting once they’re on.

5. Orthotic shoes

diabetic shoes

As diabetics need to mind their feet with extra consideration, orthotic shoes specifically made to cater to diabetic needs are important. Like socks, they have more room in the toe area to allow for swelling. The extra space leaves plenty of room for cushiony insoles. The soles have firm, stabilizing heels for maximum support and they absorb more impact to limit pressure on the balls of your feet.

4. Support pantyhose

Support pantyhose

Support hosiery with compression comes in every shade, pattern and texture you could want. Best of all, they provide continual pain relief at affordable prices so you don’t have to limit yourself to one precious pair. Look for pantyhose with moisture fighting technology to prevent odor and bacteria from building in the fabric.

3. Non-elastic socks

 Non-elastic socks

While most diabetic clothing essentials are made with slightly compressive fabric, sometimes the legs and feet need to be absolutely free of restriction. Knee and calf-high socks made from a non-binding fabric without elastic around the top soothes swollen feet like nothing else.

2. Stretchy and seamless

Stretchy and seamless

The magic words for diabetics looking for comfortable clothing are… stretchy and seamless. This goes for stretch pants and socks in particular since swelling and circulation problems are more common from the waist down. They’re typically unisex and made extra wide from lightweight, soft materials.

1. All-season jacket

All-season jacket

Poor circulation brings the chills on the warmest days. A comfortable, all-season jacket with a hood will keep you cozy anytime without weighing you down. Choose one in a bright, cheerful shade and you may as well go for a waterproof and windproof material to stay warm and dry no matter what the weather’s like! A nice casual jacket is as classic as it is functional – good for traveling and enjoying the best each season has to offer.