Free, educational driving simmulation games for drivers in training

Free, educational driving simmulation games for drivers in training

Driving school games have become an increasingly effective tool for building driving and traffic skills.  Thousands of national, and international accredited driving schools utilize driving school games such as 3-D video games and simulations

These games, designed to improve motor skills, offer a realistic experience of handling a car, maneuvering through traffic and parking situations, evaluating roadway obstacles, obeying road signs, and maintaining proper speed.  

If you, or someone you know is preparing for a driving test or enrolled in drivers education classes, start researching driving school games.  Begin by searching under the term ?Simulated Driving? on any Internet search engine.  Many driving school games are available free through the internet.  Other software programs for driver training range in price from $25 to $300.  If acquiring a drivers license is a top priority, search for games and simulations that feature the same type of challenges as the real DMV road test.


Free Driving School Games on the Internet:

1.   The Drivers Ed Direct Parking Game

The challenge of parking; especially parallel parking leads to great anxiety for many new drivers.  Check out this fun parking game to hone your parking skills!

2. games  

Drivers is an online distance learning course for drivers education and traffic school. The website offers a variety of games, as well as DMV practice tests.  

3.   Drivers Ed

Drivers Ed Guru is another online site for driver training.  This company offers Drivers Ed DVD’s, ten different parking and driving games, as well as DMV practice tests.  

Keep in mind that many of the free online driving games have rich graphics and may require Flash, or extra plug-ins that you need to download.  These games will also require a computer with substantial memory.

Of course, games shouldn’t be your sole means of preparing for a DMV test.  For your best chance at passing your official drivers license exams, you should combine these games with plenty of drivers education practice tests and a thorough review of your state’s driving manual.

Learning safe driving skills is critical.  While helpful and certainly educational, driving school games should never be considered as a replacement for actual time spent practicing in a real car with a driving instructor.  Your best best is to combine driving school games with drivers ed classes, driving lessons, and a complete review of your state’s driving manual.