The Easter Bunny hops into town with a basket full of eggs

The Easter Bunny hops into town with a basket full of eggs

Easter Egg Bunny is known to bring children colored eggs on Easter.  Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  People take part in festivities such as Sunday mass, an Easter egg hunt, and Easter dinner.  Gift giving and receiving is part of this holiday as well.

Easter Egg Bunny relates to decorating an Easter egg in the form of a bunny.  Make your Easter Egg Bunny unique by using dyes in bright colors.  Use a plastic egg, color it, and add ears to it.  Glue on wiggly eyes in black and draw a nose and whiskers.  Voila!  You have an adorable Easter Egg Bunny.  They make great Easter gifts.

In the United States of America, children hunt for Easter eggs.  Eggs are hidden and children seek them out.  The Easter eggs are decorated in different colors and patterns.  Children spend the afternoon collecting as many eggs as the can find.  The winner usually receives a huge Easter basket filled with candy, toys, and an Easter bunny.

There’s another Easter tradition in America, but it is not well known.  Kids make nests for the Easter Bunny to lay colored eggs for them.  Legend has it that the Easter Bunny gives eggs to good children.  He also brings them happiness, joy, and a blessed day.  Now you know how the Easter Bunny became Easter Egg Bunny.
Easter Egg Bunny Ideas

The Easter Egg Bunny can be made out of chocolate as well.  All it takes is a couple of molds, chocolate, and time.  You’ll have the perfect Easter Egg Bunny to place in your Easter basket.  No one will be able to resist this treat.

If you like to crochet, you can make an Easter Egg Bunny Buddy.  This one will take time and patience, but it will be worth it.  All you need is some yarn, plastic Easter egg, needle, and a G-hook and you’re good to go.

Many people love Easter because of the symbolism it brings with it.  It’s a time to shake off the dark of winter and look forward to all things new.  The sun is shining and there’s a slight breeze in the air.  People often find themselves in lighter moods.

The Easter Bunny will be hopping into a neighborhood near you.  He brings with him a basket full of colored Easter eggs.  He’s the quintessential image of Easter.  Children wake up on Easter morning hoping to find a basket left for them from the Easter Bunny.  This is a tradition that is not going out of style anytime soon.