Easy Small Wood Projects

Whether you’re a hobbyist or trying to skill up, there are many starter wood projects to get you going.

To avoid frustration, it’s best to tackle doable weekend creations and then move on to greater things. You get the joy of crafting and having a finished piece in hand to point to and say proudly, “I made that.”

There are many packages available that give you video instructions, tool sets, and plans, and lists of materials to make these small tasks easy to complete. A great place to start is Woodworkers Guild of America. You can start simple and get more elaborate as your skills improve. These works are also great for teens who want to learn how.

Let’s run down the top ten.

10. Window box

Easy Small Wood Projects

You can build an attractive window box to hold plastic or terra cotta planters. It can be a basic rectangle, or an assembly of dowels or pickets. Stain or paint it to your liking and use flowers that are upright and tumbling over the sides.

9. Wine rack

Wine rack

This one could not be easier, as you cut in notches along two rails, then construct sides strong enough to carry the weight of the bottles. The finished work can give use to a neglected corner.

8. Birdhouse


Attract songbirds to your yard with an attractive home. You can build single houses or multi-family condos. Make the look modern or rustic. Place your creation in a tree away from traffic, grab a pair of binoculars, and wait for the chicks’ first flight.

7. Building blocks

Building blocks

The classic toy holds up in the age of talking, blinking robot companions. Children can build castles and fortresses and let imagination and figures they have on hand fill in the story. Make them in a variety of shapes, finish them neatly, and use kid-safe paints and stains for color.

6. Knife block

Knife block

Everyone needs a safe place to stow sharp knives, why not make it interesting? This one couldn’t be easier. You just need to join two blocks with staggered cut-ins. You can repurpose odd pieces and dress the result up as you like.

5. Coat rack with shelf

Coat rack with shelf

Entryways and mud rooms call for organizers. You can make a coat rack with a shelf, then add baskets for mail or whatever you need to take along for the day. You can use metal hooks or go Shaker style with pegs.

4. Shapes and letters

Shapes and letters

You can cut out any shape you can draw. Trace hearts, deer, snowmen, whatever you like. You can cut out letters too. You can fix them to a board to display a sign, your child’s name, or a motivational saying.

3. Cutting board

Cutting board

Create this kitchen staple as a plain plank, or add a handle or channels for drainage. Plane it down and sand it finely for years of use. Make it attractive for serving bread and cheese to guests.

2. Mallet


Why not use tools to make other tools? As you progress you can create a mallet, a mortar and pestle set, forks, spoons, and many more.

1. Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes

Hinged or uncovered, carved, painted or cut with patterns, boxes make great decorative pieces. From simple crates to puzzle boxes, you can show off your woodworking craft. You can hang them and display family photos. Add drawers for jewelry. Paint them with designs you draw out in your plans. These also make welcome gifts. We all need more storage.

by Catalogs.com Info Guru Roger DeGenerro

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