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Top 10 Eco Friendly Fashion Trends

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten eco friendly fashionContributed by Cassie O’Shea, Top 10 Guru

As we learn more and more about the detrimental affect our choices have on the environment, it becomes increasingly clear that we should be conscious of the potential impact of every decision we make.

Luckily, the fashion world has devised many attractive ways in which you can be both stylish and eco-friendly.

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10. Bamboo

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

Capitalizing upon the quick growing nature of this versatile plant, bamboo based fabrics have become the latest love of eco-friendly fashionistas. Bamboo matures in as little as two years and can be spun into a variety of fabrics, the most common of which is bamboo rayon. It is comfortable, soft, and very durable. In addition, bamboo fabrics draw moisture away from the skin while trapping heat, are naturally static-free and don’t hold odor like many synthetic fabrics.

9. Alpaca

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

Used for centuries in South America, Alpaca wool fashion is now gaining international attention for its unique properties. This lightweight, warm, ultra-soft fleece is shorn from mountain animals that resemble a mixture between a llama and a sheep. In addition to being a freely roaming animal, alpacas also display a wide array of colors, which lessens the need for dying their wool.

8. Merino

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

Long a staple of fashion conscious closets, merino wool clothing is also an eco-friendly choice. Most merino wool is shorn from sheep raised exclusively for this purpose. Providing warmth without the irritation associated with other wools, merino offers excellent moisture wicking, anti-microbial, and temperature balancing properties.

7. Hemp

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

While hemp may have a dubious reputation as the fabric of choice for those who enjoy recreational uses of its illegal cousin, it is now increasingly being used in mainstream fashion. One of the longest cultivated and hardiest plants around, hemp production doesn’t require environmental boogeymen like industrial fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and so on, to survive. It can be woven into a tough but soft hemp fabric clothing with an added bonus of resisting wrinkles.

6. Silk

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

One of the oldest natural fabrics around is also one of the friendliest for the environment. Advancements in harvesting silk now allow for the silkworms to live out their natural life spans, allowing for the fabric to be a relatively kind choice. Of course, you don’t need to be told how silk can be used in diverse ways to enrich clothing and accessories like silk square scarves with a lustrous and sumptuous feel.

5. Organic cotton

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

The smarter sister of standard cotton crops, organic cotton has become wildly popular in recent years for its green properties. As knowledge of the harmful effects of pesticides and other byproducts used during traditional cotton production has increased, organic cotton has become a clear choice for those wishing to enjoy this irreplaceable fabric without feeling guilty.

4. Recycle

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

Fabrics aside, another way to be an eco-friendly clotheshorse is to be savvy with the items you stop wearing. Many companies, especially shoemakers, are now offering programs that accept and encourage worn products like recyleable shoes to be kept out of landfills.

3. Reuse

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

On the other side, there are countless new items out there these days that utilize a surprising assortment of repurposed, reused, and recycled materials to create stunning new fashions and eco-jewelry. Shoes with rubber tire soles, handbags made from cleverly folded magazines, license plate lunchboxes, the list goes on and on.

2. Rewear

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

Another creative option is to take your old clothes to a consignment shop where you can earn store credit or cash for the items sold. Not only will you avoid adding to a landfill somewhere, you can find rare and unusual items! Also, buying second-hand or vintage clothes is another way of recycling and lessening the impact the fashion world has on the environment.

1. Shopping bags

One of the top ten eco friendly fashion trends

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One of the best fashion trends in recent years has been the ever growing market of reusable shopping bags. Saving you from the no-win situation of paper or plastic in the checkout line, reusable shopping bags have now evolved into a fashion statement of their own. Whether you are buying groceries or an adorable skirt, bringing your own bag is now eco-friendly AND fashionable.


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