Environmental tips

These tips will help you live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

These tips will help you live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

There are many things that we can each do to change our impact on the environment from a negative one to a positive one. Try some of these simple and inexpensive environmental tips.


Home tips


When disposing of hazardous substances like cleaning supplies, motor oil, and pesticides, do so at a safe disposal facility. To find one in your area, check Earth911.com.


Before mowing your lawn, check your air quality alert. On action alert days, don’t mow. If you absolutely have to cut the grass, do it in the cool of the evening or early in the morning.


If building a new home or remodeling your existing one, consider installing an alternative energy system in your home. Solar and wind power can be a great way to meet your home’s power needs while protecting the environment.


Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. This not only helps protect the environment, but it will save you money on your power bill, too.


When building a home or renovating an existing home, use green building materials.


Fix any leaky plumbing fixtures at home. Little drips and leaks add up to gallons of water wasted.


Use reusable shopping bags when going to the supermarket. Millions of plastic bags are thrown away into our environment every year; you can help reduce that number by using green shopping bags.


Check epa.gov for more tips for going green at home.



Transportation tips


When gassing up at the pump, don’t top off your tank. More often than not, you will overfill, and even a small amount of gas spillage can lead to toxic fumes and waste our precious energy resources.


Carpool, walk, or bike to work when possible. This will help improve air quality, and also help reduce acid rain.


Don’t idle your engine. When waiting to pick up your child from school or other activities, turn off the engine to reduce the amount of harmful emissions.


Health tips


Always slather on sun block when going out in the sun. Solar UV radiation is harmful to your skin, so protect it every day ? and make sure your kids are covered, too.


Store all hazardous substances up high where your children cannot reach them. If you don’t need them or haven’t used them in a while, dispose of them ? safely.


Get rid of mold. If you have any wet areas in your home, clean them thoroughly and get rid of mold. Then take steps to prevent the moisture from getting back into your home. Whenever you have a spill or an item gets water damaged, clean it immediately to prevent mold growth.


Don’t exercise outdoors on days when air pollution is high. Check your air quality alert, and stay inside on high pollution days.


By following just some of the above environmental tips, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and start on your way to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.