Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

President Obama is getting a lot of attention for his attention to executive office furniture.

His new office is important and … executive. I have some suggestions, though, for executive office furniture.

From ten, the bottom of the list, to the thing that I would make my number one priority, as president.

10. Real Oak Desk

A big old desk. A serious desk, for writing things, signing papers and shuffling reports on world peace and financial analysis. Forget a lightweight desk from one of those portable furniture stores. Get something that breaks your back to move. The goal is to stay in office, and not have to move anything, remember?

9. Sofas

Sofas are good for making meetings less formal. If people think you are their friend, they are more likely to make an effort to see things your way, and to sign. This goes for peace treaties and business deals. Sofas should not be used for canoodling the admins, or the interns. This is when sofas can get you into trouble.

8. Bookshelves

Bookshelves with serious books make a man look important. They are excellent backdrops for photos, too. Crack a couple of the spines, so you don’t look like a poser. Skip the paperbacks.

7. Lazy Boy

Seriously. Why not? An executive office needs an executive office chair. You can take calls, work on your laptop, or smoke a cigar. Who said you had to work vertical?

6. Armoire

An armoire comes in handy for storing extra clothes. You don’t have to run back to your home/room to switch into your golf gear. Or your tuxedo. And if you happen to spill your coffee or squirt ketchup from one of those little packets on your white shirt, you have a row of nicely starched replacements.

5. Art Coffee Tables

Your sofa will need tables – one in front and a couple on the sides. Why not combine a table with art for something that really makes a statement. Conversation starters are priceless in a room of potential adversaries.

4. Bed

A murphy bed is cool although I’ve never actually seen one. It folds into the wall when you don’t need it, and pops right out when you do. Working late and calculating about three hours of sleep? Why waste time driving when you could be recharging your batteries for your next executive challenge. Also useful for the nights you are in the dog house with the wife. Don’t let this get you in the dog house, however. See the note by “sofa.”

3. Full Service Bar

Happy Hour starts at five and it starts at your office. Why move the meeting, when things were just getting serious? A bottle of scotch at your bar can change the tenor of everything.

2. Pool Table

This actually is part of a whole category, but made the list because it’s the closest to “furniture” of the group. I’m including a putting green, basketball hoop and poker table. Men who recreate together, make deals together. Make certain that you are actually beyond proficient in the sport that you incorporate into your office scheme. If all else fails, place a bet and gamble with the future.

1. Hot Tub

Talk about breaking down barriers. This is the ultimate war-room setting. Call your bar into play for everyone’s beverage of choice. Play a game of pool. Plop into the hot tub. Who said Monday sucks?