Eye makeup tips for the evening

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Turn heads with the perfect evening look.

Turn heads with the perfect evening look.

Adding a little glam to your evening makeup is easy to do, requiring only simple adjustments to your normal routine. While you may prefer a minimal daytime look, the evening is a great time to add drama and draw attention to your peepers. Here are some great eye makeup tips for the evening.

  • The first step is to make sure your face is clean and moisturized to ensure you have a smooth base to work with. Remove any remnants of previously applied makeup so it will not compromise the colors you’re about to apply.
  • Apply foundation (or eye base) on the eyelids to help shadow stick and last longer; apply concealer below the eyes to mask any shadows. Dab three dots of concealer under the eye and gently pat with your ring finger (this finger tends to have the softest pad and is best for this delicate area). Blend well.
  • Apply a white shimmer shadow right under the arch of your brow as well as on the inside corners of the eyes. This will reflect light and give you a well-rested, lifted look. Note: If your eyes tend to have a droopy look, lift them sans surgery by applying a light color of eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye and brush it up and out towards your eyebrow. Apply a white or highlight shade just under the brow and do not apply liner. This will weigh down the lid and make the eyelid look even lower. Apply mascara, concentrating on the corner of the eye.
  • Line your lids right in the lash line to give your eyelashes a darker, thicker look. Liquid liner will give a more precise line; a well-sharpened eye pencil can be used as well.
  • For shadow, start with the lightest color on your lower lid and sweep along the lid up to the brow bone. Then apply the medium shade on the lid and use the darkest color in the crease to open up the eye. Blend well. Note: For women with small eyes, dark shadows will make them look even smaller. Although eye makeup tips for evening usually include using darker shadows, if you have smallish eyes consider using lighter shades to open them up.~
  • Use liner under the eye. While for the daytime many women do not line the entire eye, one of the best eye makeup tips for the evening is to use liner, either pencil or smudged shadow, to make the eye pop. Dampen a slanted brush and dip it into shadow for a great alternative to pencil liner. Consider extending the liner at the corner of the eye for a sexy, alluring effect. Smudge the line with a Q-tip or your finger. Note: If your eyes are very close together and you wish them to appear further apart, keep the inside corners of your eyes light and the outside corners darker. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone on the inside corner of the eye and blend well down into the grayish area along the sides of the nose. Take a medium to dark shade of shadow and apply it from the inside of the eye out to the middle of the eyelid. Line your lid, starting in a bit from the corner of the eye and extending the line just past the outer corner.
  • Curl your lashes. Curling the lashes opens the eye, making it look larger.
  • Apply two coats of black mascara, brushing in between with a lash brush to remove clumps and separate the lashes to make them look their fullest. Apply by starting at the bottom of the lashes and wiggling the brush up, fully coating lashes from base to tip. If you have especially sparse lashes, consider using false ones. False eyelashes are very natural-looking. If you do not wish to apply a full set, partials and pieces are available to fill in sparse lashes. Note: One of the best eye makeup tips for evening for Asian women is to add definition to the lid by applying a mid-toned shadow across the lid and the brow bone. Dust a lighter shade just under the eyebrow and use a pencil to finely line the upper and lower lashes.

Making the most of your makeup at night is easy and following these great eye makeup tips for the evening will take you from average to gorgeous in no time.