Fashionable Clothing for Health Care Workers

by Info Guru Cathy Suter

With all the effort you put into caring for others, it’s important to tend to yourself as well!

Having fashionable clothing and wearing items you feel good about, can improve your day on the job. We’ve found our top 10 items to give you style and polish.

10. Trendy Scrubs

Trendy Scrubs

Medical scrubs are a wardrobe staple in many hospitals and clinics. Inventive companies are now allowing you to go a step further in personalizing your style. Print your favorite photograph on a pocket, or find a top and bottom in a softer shade known for its soothing quality, like blue, green or lilac.

9. The Sheath Dress

The Sheath Dress

Nothing beats a dress worn under a lab coat for a little elegance along with comfort. You can go for a bright color, patterned, or accessorized with a belt. The ever-popular sheath dress is a mainstay for many professionals. After work you can pair it with a jacket or cardigan.

8. Stylish Sneakers

Stylish Sneakers

A comfortable pair of shoes is heavenly if you’re in a hospital setting or need to be on your feet all day. Sneakers with an “oxford” style will do the trick of combining sophistication with pure comfort. Flats give you a more urban look and range from the ultra-plain to patent leather or accessorized with bows.

7. The Perfect Pump

The Perfect Pump

If you work in a clinic or doctor’s office as opposed to a hospital setting (where you can walk miles by the end of the day), you may want to go for a set of low heels that are a little more formal. Paired with a white lab coat, a black set of heels can add the cosmopolitan vibe. Don’t forget about the patent leather option, which adds a sophisticated touch.

6. Jumpsuits


Healthcare uniform jumpsuits are a fun alternative to scrubs, allowing for ease of movement and a youthful look. They come in a variety of styles and fabrics and you can select from the more casual to the dressier look. Look for details like zippered pockets or drawstrings.

5. Colorful Belts

Colorful Belts

Belts come in all shapes and sizes, and can definitely add a more fitted look to dresses worn under a lab coat. Try a narrow leather belt with a silver or gold buckle for a splash of color. Or choose a belt in a muted shade which adds just a touch of definition, like navy with a sky blue dress, or hunter green with a spring-green dress.

4. Your Best Colors

Your Best Colors

A valuable resource for finding your “best” look is to explore the color guide Color Me Beautiful. They help you choose the palette of colors best suited to your skin tone, eye and hair color. There are four types, broken down into the seasons of the year, and once you find the one which most closely matches you, you have a guide to choosing the perfect tones in clothing and makeup.

3. Playful Prints

Playful Prints

Playful prints on scrub tops are ideal if you work with children, as these can provide a sense of reassurance and fun. Choose from puppy dogs, kittens, flowers or colorful designs.

2. Clogs


Clogs are great for both men and women who work in the hospital emergency room or in surgery, since they provide a lot of support if you‘re going to be on your feet all day. Doctors report that they are “ridiculously comfortable” and offer plenty of arch support. Make sure they are properly fitting, or you run the risk of twisting your ankle.

1. Flattering Caps

Flattering Caps

A new designer that is moving fashion forward offers scrubs with elegant detail and flattering choices in surgical caps. Setting a new standard for both men and women, you can also find scrubs with gingham checks, delicately stitched pockets, and turquoise, jade and chocolate fabric colors.

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