Favorite Whittard Tea Selections

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whittard teasby Catalogs.com Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Since opening the first London shop in 1886, the Whittard company has continuously offered a vast selection of fine teas and irresistible blends.

Spotting the iconic “W” on a box or bag is your chance to taste some of the most healthiest and most delicious flavors nature has to offer.

But how to choose? Here are some of the best whittard tea selections available today.

10. White chocolate white tea

White chocolate white tea

When the name alone gets your mouth watering you know you’ve found a must-try flavor. Notes of rich white chocolate add a perfect balance to this loose white tea. And it doesn’t only taste good, it’s healthy. Since these leaves are steamed rather than air dried they’re loaded with antioxidants.

9. Lemon verbena

Lemon verbena

No herbal collection is complete without bags of vibrant lemon verbena. The strong lemony scent promises an even stronger flavor. At once calming and satisfying, this flavor is one of the top Whittard tea selections for drinkers of all ages.

8. Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Get yourself going in the morning with a strong, smooth cuppa Earl Grey, a classic English tea. The black leaves with bergamot oil have a distinctive flavor lovers crave. Often used to treat a cold or early flu symptoms, this selection is also known to reduce stress, aid in weight loss and strengthen teeth as it’s rich in fluoride.

7. Acai and goji berry

 Acai and goji berry

Take two superfoods – acai and goji berry – put them together in one tea and you have a tangy, exotic flavor with a healthy punch. Drink it black and enjoy it hot or cold. This intense blend is a special treat after a hard workout.

6. Green Moroccan mint

 Green Moroccan mint

Green tea is often used as an extract to promote good health. Combine natural supplements with this powerful drink to refresh and help the body fight cancer. Moroccan mint tea is served all day every day throughout Morocco for good reason. It’s known to ease respiratory troubles, indigestion and congestion. Offer it to the sick and healthy to cleanse the body and grace everyone you serve with minty breath.

5. Camomile & honey

Camomile & honey

Many restless sleepers rely of a hot cup of camomile to help ease the mind and muscles each night. Add a touch of honey to this comforting floral brew and all you need is a good book, biscuits and your favorite jams and jellies.

4. Oolong


Among popular whittard tea selections, oolong is one of the healthiest. Prized for its pleasantly fragrant, sweet taste, these black leaves can help treat heart disease and inflammation, lower cholesterol and boost skin and dental health. Enjoy three cups a day throughout the day and studies report you should feel and see results in about a week.

3. Spiced chai

Spiced chai

When you’re in the mood for something earthy and exotic, spiced chai hits the spot. This blend of black leaves and spices like clove, cardamom and cinnamon is a perfect after lunch or dinner choice.

2. Apple & elderflower

Apple & elderflower

Pour a blend of apple and elderflower into your favorite kitchen mug and taste the sweet, delicate combination. Enjoy this herbal drink hot or cold, with or without milk. Naturally caffeine free, this popular blend has won awards for its great taste.

1. Rooibos


This sweet South African tea is a refreshing, caffeine-free choice. It’s high in minerals and antioxidants and can even help your body absorb iron. People who don’t like the taste of Camomille often choose rooibos as a relaxing sleep aid. This is one of the many caffeine teas you can enjoy throughout the day. Sometimes its blended with strawberries or another fruit to produce a fuller flavor.

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