Find charms for births, weddings and other life events

Find charms for births, weddings and other life events

For centuries, people have adorned themselves with jewelry in honor of special occasions, to announce personal wealth or even catch the eye of a special someone. These days, jewelry may signify a relationship or even tell the story of your life.

Find charms for jewelry that remind you of a particular event or time that holds special meaning. As you attach the pieces to a bracelet or necklace chain, you’ll see first-hand how each unique token represents a specific part of that memory. For instance, you college years may call for a school mascot, text book, a place often visited or even a cup of coffee lest you forget pulling all-nighters to stay top of class.

There are many ways to search for the best pieces for you. Come up with a short list of the types of charms you’d love to get, but keep your mind open. It may surprise you to discover how many different objects remind you of learning an instrument or the place where you met your significant other.

Some people like to add to their collection over time, as the right pieces come to them, others build a charm bracelet in one visit to the jewelry store. Let’s look at a handful of tales to tell, and the items that will help string together the key moments.


Love Story

Next time someone asks how you met your fiance, wouldn’t it be fun to have a bracelet to illustrate your courtship and plans for the future? If the wedding will be held beneath the stars perhaps a moon or star engraved with your wedding date could complete the tale. Center the chain around an open locket with the two of you together, or an engraved heart.

Story of Your Life

As exciting as it is to venture off to college or start a brand new job, it’s also important to hold on to the things that make us who we are. Include the logo of your favorite sports team, a flip flop to remind you of summer fun to come or a horse to represent a beloved childhood pet.

An Accomplishment

Maybe no one took you seriously when you fist announced that someday you’d own your own cupcake shop, but now they know better! The opening of your store calls for a tasty-looking cupcake added on your chain. For a daughter about to dance in her first recital, add to her chain with a ballerina or ballet slippers.


Parenthood is no doubt full of memories, but how fun it is to mark the big milestones! From baby shoes and new siblings, to learning to play ball, find charms – like baby’s name – that’ll always take you right back to those moments when she grew a little bit older before your very eyes. As NPR says, these bracelets document history on a wrist in the most whimsical way.


Theme your chain around your goals and every time you put it on you’ll feel inspired. Think of places you want to travel, like the leaning tower of Pisa or the Eifel Tower. If you long to be an artist, look for an easel, paint brush or camera to represent that passion.


People who’ve recovered from an illness have gone through a difficult, but life changing journey. Find charms that tell the story of your recovery, the things that gave you strength and hope. Healing bracelets capture how far you’ve come, and how much further you’re going to go.

Fairy Tales

Charm jewelry can tell all kinds of stories, they don’t have to be personal. Choose a fairy tale or myth that resonates with you and re-tell it through a few, carefully chosen pieces. Romantics may want to depict Cinderella complete with glass slippers, a castle, pumpkin and fairy godmother. 

Every piece you add to the chain will only represent a small piece of the tale. Whether you’re putting a chain together as a gift for your best friend or for yourself, take your time choosing each piece. This is one piece of jewelry that should be kept forever.