Make her laugh with creative, funny Mother's Day gifts

Make her laugh with creative, funny Mother’s Day gifts

Who says Mother’s Day gifts have to be serious?  In fact, in the middle of her hectic and often stressful life, who needs a laugh more than a mom?

This year, make her smile,  Make her laugh. Check out these funny Mother’s Day gifts to get you started!

Make her a superhero

Mom is already a superwoman…now let her feel like a superhero! Design her official superhero name and emblem, then gather her gear. A cape is a must. And how about a sword like Xena? A magic goblet? Let your imagination guide you, then present her with her new superhero persona. Oh, and don’t forget the theme song!

Burn a family greatest hits CD

Every musical group gets around to making a greatest hits album eventually, so why not make join in?  Make mom a greatest hits album, all performed by her family! It could be songs you’ve always sung as a family or songs that tell something about her or something special from each member of the family.  Make it silly and fun…remember, this is all about funny Mother’s Day gifts! Most computers have a built in microphone or you can buy an inexpensive microphone and plug it in. Sing away and burn it to a CD.  Make the album art a family project, too. A gift she’ll always treasure!

Rewrite your family history

Boring family history?  Rewrite to make mom laugh.  Get a nice photo album.  Gather family pictures and scan them (you don’t want to use originals for this!) then make 4 x 6 prints.  Find other “interesting” portraits online and print them out in the same size.  Now start re-writing the story of your family. Never mind that great Uncle Max ran a grocery store…now he’s was a spy for the underwear industry!  Insert individual and group pictures from the Internet into your family story, too.

You get the idea.  Be silly. Draw mustaches and silly hats on pictures. Tell the “story” no one knew.  Put it all together in the album and present mom with the revised story of your family! 
Toys and trinkets for her office or anywhere

Just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean the kids should have all the fun!  Go shopping for a collection of fun desktop toys to make everyday a little more fun.  some suggestions include:

  • Windup toys and figures
  • Matchbox cars of her favorite car types or a brand that is part of a family joke
  • Toys that squeak, can be squashed or otherwise used as stress relievers
  • Foam dart shooters (give her a pair of these to play with a coworker)
  • Puppets for spur-of-the-moment role playing

Wander around a toy store for more funny Mother’s Day gifts for her office…or for home office. The choices are endless!

Whatever you choose….

Make sure mom gets a chance to smile this year.  Forget the sentimental gifts that end up on a shelf or in a drawer.  It’s a stress world right now, and your mom could use a laugh. Funny Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to make that happen.