flower bedsContributed by Info Guru Heather Vecchioni

Flower beds are lush and colorful enhancements that can give your yard a pop of brightness and a soft feel.

When done correctly, they can take your outdoor space from average to amazing with just a bit of work. They’ll also give your space a welcoming feel that bursts with beauty and excitement.


Get Creative With It

spiral garden

Sure you could create a rectangle-shaped flower bed in your yard. They are traditional, stylish and the epitome of flower beds. However, you could also get creative and develop a shape that is original, innovative and adds character to your space. Use wood, stones a similar material to border your bed and feature it in an eye-catching, such as a circle, triangle or even a semi-circle – whatever looks good to you. Look for high-quality edging materials that can take your flower bed to the next level.

Color Palette

Grow Your Favorite Colors

best of flower beds colorful tulip garden

The beauty of flower beds is you can use whatever colors you desire to design them. You can feature different types of flowers of the same color, or you can create a virtual rainbow by choosing different colors of tulips, daffodils, irises and more for different sections of the flowerbed.

Tulips.com can provide you breathtaking flowers in almost any color you might choose. Select one color to border the garden and another to fill in the center, or let the colors mix and blend into a living watercolor-like blend of shades.


Accents Add Height and Style

garden statue

Flowers are the stars of just about any garden, but a statue brings another element of design to your creation. A bird bath, gnome or any kind of statue adds height, texture and an eye-catching accent to your garden. Place the statue in the center or scatter a few throughout the bed. Design Toscano offers many different garden statues and sculptures that are sure to give your garden bed that extra something it needs.

Water Features

Give Your Flower Bed a Soothing Feel and Look

water element

If you really want to take your flower beds to the next level, a water feature can help you get there. Small fountains and even ponds give your garden an elegant feel that looks gorgeous and sounds soothing. Placed in the center of your flower bed, a water feature adds movement to the garden and makes it one-of-a-kind. A garden store features different types of statues and ponds, as well as their accessories.

Mix It Up

Include Different Types of Plants in Your Beds

best of flower beds adding herb to flower beds

Featuring only flowers in your garden is beautiful; however, you can add a touch of character to the beds by including many different types of vegetation. For instance, planting herbs and shrubs alongside your flowers can make your flower beds unique. Herbs, such as basil, are not only fragrant, but have beautiful, green leaves that look lush and inviting. And they just might help keep the bugs away from your flowers, too! A garden expert can help you find the right herbs to complement your favorite blossoms.

Placing them next to your other flowers offers a difference in color, as well as texture. The same thing goes for certain shrubs. They can serve as stylish centerpieces or can define the border of your flower bed.

Add Height

Planters and Vines Add Vertical Interest

best of flower beds trellis

Flower beds that are all one level tend can be boring. If you want to jazz things up a bit, include trellises, planters and vines in your flower beds.

Placing vines that crawl up trellises gives your flower bed a little extra and draws the eye up, making your garden seem larger than it is. Jackson and Perkins features trellises, obelisks, and many other accents for green or flowering vines to climb.

With a little imagination, you can make your flower beds extra special. Flowers and accents are all you need to make your flower bed unique and stylish.