Best of … gearheads car stuff

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It may seem to some that being called a gearhead would be a less than complimentary moniker.

But as gearheads everywhere will attest, nothing could be further from the truth. It is title worn with pride and envied by wannabes.

While there are gearheads of all sorts, it’s the insatiable love of all things auto that spawned the name. It is to those that I humbly present the following list of sources of car stuff for the gearhead.

Car Protection

Take care of interior and exterior

custom seat covers

Gearheads treat their vehicles with kid gloves, and that means protecting are carefully restored interior, or stopping spills and stains before they hit that precious leather of a brand new car. Ditch the cheap car seat covers that last only a month and then look terrible… opt for custom seat covers in a high quality, good looking fabric.

Mustang parts

Classic Ford

One of the best of gearhead car stuff

Mustangs hold a special place in the hearts of many gearheads. Ford Motor Company has certainly had its low points; from the Edsel to the Pinto. But there remains one constant, the Mustang. From ’65 to 2011, Mustangs Unlimited has everything the pony enthusiast could possibly want or need; including updated lists for car shows all over the country.

Everything BMW

Autobahn dreams

One of the best of gearhead car stuff

For gearheads with a love of German automotive workmanship, Bavarian Autosport’s selection will have you drooling. Whether you need performance add-ons, replacement parts, exterior modification products or new seat covers for your Beemer, they offer true one-stop shopping for all things BMW.

Classic Chevy

Everything for restorations

One of the best of gearhead car stuff

In the interest of fair play, I am beholden to include Bob’s Classic Chevy in response to the earlier Ford reference. Though, it’s not difficult to do considering Bob’s offers what is likely the most Chevy parts and information on the planet. And we know no one knows or loves gearheads like other gearheads, so check out the ChevyTalk Forum. You’ll be among friends, and we all know there’s safety in numbers.

Mopar gear

Engine parts to hats

For all things mopar, the choice is an easy one: Mopar Parts by Classic Industries. Any gearheads need a new tach for their Barracuda? How about emblems, decals or parts to rebuild your engine? Classic Industries has it all in one, easy-to-navigate site. Not to mention the assorted mopar shirts, hats and other goodies no self-respecting mopar gearhead should be without.