How to get a great job after college

Use these tips for getting a great job after college graduation

Use these tips for getting a great job after college graduation

With graduation season just wrapping up, we will wager that there are more than a few graduates out there worrying about their future employment prospects. 

The few bits of advice in this guide to getting a great job after college graduation will help get you motivated for a job search. As a recent graduate myself, I have a unique insight into the current job market and what it takes to break into it. I know the transition from college to the ?real world? can be a bit unnerving, but trust me, it?s not as scary as it seems.

Polish Your Resume

In many cases it is best to keep your resume updated as often as possible to make sure that all your experience and accolades are listed for your prospective employer. 

If you are applying for a job not directly related to your major, then you should make note of ways in which your course of study has prepared you for the position; this can be achieved by simply adding a prominently placed ?skills? section to your resume.  

Also, be sure to include any and all positions of leadership. Your time as the vice president of your college?s Toastmasters club may not seem that impressive at first, but it shows your prospective employer that you are willing to take on leadership roles. 


Dress for Success

This one is simple enough, but it bears repeating: you need to dress properly for interviews, even if it?s a temporary or low-wage job. Dressing up for an interview is less about looking good for thirty minutes and more about you showing the employer that you take them and their company seriously. 

Make sure to avoid things like blue denim, t-shirts, tank tops, sun dresses, and wrinkled clothing. You should also remove piercings and cover tattoos as some employers discriminate based on their personal feelings about body modification. 

Confidence is Key

Interviews are more-or-less the process of selling one?s self. Along with a polished resume and nice outfit, your personality is an important part of that sales pitch. Little things like looking your employer in the eye and being sure not to interrupt them will help make a lasting, positive impression. 

Also, be conscious of the language you are using, speaking clearly and avoiding colloquialisms that some might find confusing are key elements of a successful job interview. One note: while you should avoid colloquialisms, it never hurts to throw a little industry jargon in in the conversation if you are confident in your knowledge. 

With a polished resume, a great interview outfit, and some confidence your dream job is surely within reach. Job hunting takes a lot of persistence and persistence, but it is worth when you find that position that?s just right for you. 

Now that you?ve graduated college, you?ve read and experienced a lot, you?ve just received a certificate of accomplishment for four years of hard work and it is time to get out and put it to use!