Getting your workspace organized is easier than you think

Getting your workspace organized is easier than you think

A clean, uncluttered office or workspace typically makes a person more efficient and relieves stress and frustration. For example: let’s say the phone is ringing in your office as you arrive to work. As you answer, you find it is a customer you provided a quote to the week before. As you search through several stacks of paper on your desk, frustration mounts and the customer loses patience. If you have to tell the customer, you will call him back as soon as you find his quote, that customer may go to a competitor. You have just lost a potential customer because you appear unprofessional. The customer now has serious doubts about the quality of your product.

You can lose hours a day searching for paperwork or supplies if you don’t have the right organizational tools at your fingertips. Whether you work for an employer, are self-employed or travel on the road, having the tools to quickly and easily access what you need to get a job done creates job satisfaction and keeps customers happy. AND happy customers tend to be loyal customers. Why take the chance, when there are simple solutions to getting organized at work.


Here is a list of organizational items and tips that can simplify your daily routine at work, home office, or on the road.

Home office setting:
For a home office space, the proper workspace with adequate lighting is critical to productivity and getting organized at work. Your job duties are completed faster and with less distractions if you have ample desk and drawer space. Proper lighting also eliminates eyestrain, reduces glare and shadows, and eliminates fatigue at the end of the day.

Shelving organizes and keeps books, manuals, and reference materials within quick reach. Don’t be one of those that stacks materials on the floor or under the desk! Proper shelving looks nice and brings a touch of decor to the office as well.

Office on the road? – for those whose office is in their car or truck, there are great organizational tools to keep the vehicle clutter free. Take advantage of auto organizers, passport and document holders, totes and personal care containers.

Paperwork storage:
There are several options available for storing and organizing invoices, mail, customer correspondence or articles. The key to storing paperwork is properly labeling your files and keeping them in a designated area. Here are some tools that will keep paper from collecting dust or getting lost on your desk. 

    File sorters come in different styles and shapes. For an accordian style sorter, you can file paperwork alphabetically or by category. They are easy to transport and lightweight. For a workspace desktop, a wooden shelf desk organizer adds functionality and is attractive. It stores your stationery, copy paper, mail and more. Wall mount organizers easily fit over a door or fix to the wall and are great for the doctor’s office.

   Filing cabinet – is a must as a business grows. It is important to have access to current as well as past records. Keeping copies of important tax information, customer or client files, invoices and expenses is important for future budgeting, getting organized at work and retaining important customer information.

   Business card organizer and storage is all about networking with potential clients, vendors and customers. Keep the business cards you collect because you never know when that important contact may benefit business.

Getting organized at work can be easy, decorative and a snap. The right tools and workspace arrangement can keep frustration to a minimum so you stay productive and efficient. Your stress level remains low and customers are happy. After all, the goal is to keep customers coming back again and again to your company. For another interesting article on organizational tips, read about smart shelving solutions.