Getting the most out of bathroom storage solutions

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Getting the most out of bathroom storage solutions is easy

Getting the most out of bathroom storage solutions is easy

Space is a precious thing in small rooms, especially in bathrooms where the toiletries you use every day ? toothbrushes, makeup, soap ? quickly pile up. These things you need belong within reach, but what do you do with it all?

Getting the most out of bathroom storage solutions minimizes clutter and proves there?s a whole lot more roominess to those nooks and corners than you may realize. The trick is to think intuitively and take advantage of wall space. The items you?re storing are relatively small, so the containers and surfaces should be slim.


When installing shelves in tight spaces, beware of where the edges fall. Nooks and corners are ideal if they?re an option. Raise them above the path of doors or high enough so people won?t bump their heads!

For toothbrushes, razors, hand soap and hair brushes, place a small shelf right over the sink. Giving every item a logical place creates a simple system that?ll be easy to maintain. 

The wall space above the toilet is perfect for shelving or a cabinet, and you don?t have to worry about head bumps. You can place clean towels here, fresh flowers and makeup bins. Add a stylish basket on the back of the toilet for deodorant and other toiletries, or a few magazines.


Stacked shelves are simple to install and require only basic, affordable materials like nails and braces. To contain loose items like towels, consider shelves with inverted braces designed to double bookends.


Getting the most out of bathroom storage solutions is easy. The goal is to keep necessities at your fingertips, but out of the way when you?re not using them. This is where containers come in handy. 

From wicker baskets and fabric bins, to mason jars, you have a wide variety of attractive containers to choose from. Jars work well for small items like cotton balls and swabs, while mid-sized bins allow you to group things by basic categories ? a bin of hair accessories, one of face washes and lotions.

These containers must have a place on the shelves and should sit in their place securely. Visually, they?ll make the space appear less cluttered. Instead of seeing countless small things of varying size and shape, guests will see a handful of nice baskets and jars.

Secret storage

Create a whole closet for all of your bathroom supplies – toilet paper, tissues, nail polishes ? by turning a full length mirror into a big cabinet. If you live in an apartment or small home short on closet space, this DIY project is worth the afternoon it?ll take to put together. Supplies will be out of sight, but still right there when you need them.

The space under most sinks offers a refreshing amount of room, but can be tough to keep organized because it?s so deep. Add in sliding drawers to fully utilize the space while maintaining order. Otherwise the back of the cabinet can quickly become a no-man?s land of forgotten cleaning supplies and who knows what.

If sliding drawers won?t work under your sink, try a combination of stacked and hanging bins. The stacked ones can go in the back ? the height will make everything easy to grab ? while the hanging ones attach to the back of the cabinet doors. If the stacked bins don?t fit, store extra shampoo and soap in a shower caddy and slide it in sideways.

Towels don?t take up much space, but they need a place to dry. If you?re out of wall space, mount or hang towel racks to the back of the bathroom door.

You?ll see. Getting the most out of bathroom storage solutions is addictive. Once you begin making quick bathroom updates, you find countless ways to utilize every inch of space.